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SATIRE: New user starting to think he just might really be Ben. Riot

Shortly after signing up to Bootleggers and committing a few crimes, new user MafiaGuy wanted to get a better feel for the game so he took to the forums looking for advice.
“This seems really fun. What’s the fastest way to make money and level up in this game?” MafiaGuy posted.
That is when the replies started pouring in.
“Hello Ben.”, “Nice try Ben.”, “Okay Ben”.
“It was really weird at first.” Recalled MafiaGuy, whose real name is Liam and currently resides in the Netherlands. “But they were so certain. I kept getting messages “Wanna OC Ben?”, “You still owe me money Ben.”
Then somebody posted the video.
“I didn’t realize it at first, but after that…. It … it all made sense. I didn’t want their help …. I… just wanted them all to get f#$%ed mate!”
The real Ben, whose in game name is FlameS, could not be reached for comment.