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STAFF: Statement From the Staff FlameS

For this week we are giving you an update on;

  • What FlameS and Riot have been working on
  • Help Desk Operator Recruitment
  • Known Issues and bugs

What Riot and FlameS have been working on

We have had a fabulous week since the last Buzz release. We started the weekend with a fabulous game of inaugural Russian Roulette thanks to Kyle’s quick update!

Throughout the week we continue our mission of ensuring our support for those that play the game fairly and our onslaught of dishing out firm but fair punishment for those that don’t.

We have an interesting dynamic between each other as we are in opposite time zones, so generally we do a little informal handover to each other and back again.

Last week Kyle’s update mentioned that the next group of updates would include some changes to the Whack feature and the development of the very exciting feature allowing you to melt cars into bullets, we were very lucky to be able to have a sneak preview of what is incoming and boy oh boy are we excited!

Help Desk Operator Recruitment

This weekend we intend to select the best candidates to take up their HDO positions. We had over 40 candidates and had some really great application forms back.

We added all of the answers into a table then looked at the answers as a team, carefully scoring each answer by its individual merit.

For those of you that were interested in what our aspiring HDOs had to answer, and in the interests of transparency, please feel free to view the application form below;

Section One – Game Knowledge

Q1) What is the background colour in profiles?
Q2) I want to hide my personal information for a screenshot, how would I do that?
Q3) Which rank promotion opens up the crimes in city 8?
Q4) How much do families have to pay weekly in tax?
Q5) What order is the users online in?
Q6) How much does it cost to pick up a roulette table?
Q7) What happens to my gold in escrow if i die?
Q8 ) How many messages can I save in my saved mail?
Q9) What rank allows me to collect the Prostitution racket?
Q10) Can you stop someone sending messages to you?

Section Two – Judgement Test

Scenario 1) We recently witnessed some distasteful remarks in the forums, it was coming from one player, directed by nobody in particular and it was in the Off Topic forum, what would you do?

Scenario 2) A new player posts in the forums; "Just joined this game, what should I do first, what's my goal HELP" please describe what you would say and where you say it.

Scenario 3) An old friend of yours ask you to be under boss of their crew, and you want to do it! do you feel the HDO position impacts that

Scenario 4) You have given someone some incorrect advice, they have now made a topic in the forums criticising you publicly, how would you approach this, and where would you do it?

Section Three – Just For Fun

And just for fun, in 100 words or less, please describe an occasion during this round that you have made a fun atmosphere or created a positive experience for someone.

Please tell us what your spirit animal is and why.

Please tell us, which player, other than yourself do you think would be a good HDO and why?

Known Issues and Bugs

I have seen a lot of duplicate Help Desk tickets and questions in the forums relating to these we have already logged for bug exploration, there is a topic in the Game Forum, but that platform may not well be visual enough to easily work out the current issues, therefore I thought I would maintain a weekly published list of issues for you here. I have grouped them by feature;

Resolved bugs are in blue.
New bugs are in orange.


  • Home page statistics are not displaying correctly
  • Casino Management profit is out of sync
  • Splitting cards is inconsistent, and also doesn’t pay out blackjack
  • A styling error is currently sometimes selecting the 2 of hearts as a replacement for all cards, this does not change the functionality as the game continues to play correctly

Kill to Whack Upgrade

  • Suicide option now missing
  • Kill statistics on Home page not correct
  • Obituaries in the Buzz incorrect
  • Rank section of statistics displaying incorrectly
  • Number of bullets fired statistic not showing correctly
  • A recent bug has seen that you can kill a player however their account remains in limbo between alive and dead

Mobile Issues

  • Purchase page within the Gold menu – cannot navigate away


  • Hardkicking members does not always demote the player of their rank

Photo Album

  • Users are unable to upload new photos


  • Achievements are not rolling over to your new account if you change your username.


  • Assignment rewards continue to give gym stats
  • Rewards for completing milestone achievements are not being awarded


  • Inability to clear mailbox
  • Blocking a player still allows the blocker to send messages to the person they blocked


  • When you have found a mission character using the PI, the mission page is not updated

Auto Burglary

  • Downgrading a garage drops all of the cars in your garage
  • Garage sizes have increased, yet the old sizes remain in name, 15=5


  • The timer for the Hospital page appears to be inconsistent