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STATISTICS: Crew Power Rankings JJJameson

Dutch Inc.

Dutch Inc. maintains their first position in the top-10. They were shot by Mutiny this week, but showed the Bootleggers Community that they are no easy target. A successful retaliation and therefore they deserve to be number 1!

The Dog Pound

A high ranked Family who are not afraid to shoot high ranked (crewless) mobsters. They rise to the second place! Does anyone dare to take them from the second position?


A well respected family who are not shy to own a few casino’s. Go Sicily mob!

Gamblers Paradise

Gamblers Paradise still standing strong after the wipe on The (fake) Order. Where are those casino owners though?

Event Horizon

It has been a few weeks without Event Horizon being shot. What is going on here?

The Vanguard

Another quiet week for The Vanguard, the calm before the storm? Everybody is looking at you guys and girls!

The Sacred Empire (and co)

With 3 gang spots, The Sacred Empire definitely belongs in the top 10 of this weeks Crew Rankings. They have shown that they are capable of a quick retaliation, but it takes more to belong in the top 3!

Sector Zero

Keep on chillin’ guys!

The Royal Family

Stable. Peace. Calmness.

Arab Inc

We welcome you as a crew and it is now time to show that you belong in the top 3!