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INTERESTING: The Vanguard History Pendulum

Hello everyone, this is an article based on The Vanguards history. We shall be finding out who started up the crew and their journey from when they were formed up to present day.

In November 2003, The Vanguard was formed by two individuals known as OLH and Aegides. They were in charge of the crew for two years. In 2005 ThePhantomm and TheMajor took over. One year later the crew welcomed a third boss who is known as Abonzo. Unfortunately, in 2007 The Vanguard lost touch with TheMajor as they went their seperate way. This meant that The Vanguard was ran by ThePhantomm and Abonzo until early 2012. ThePhantomm ended up forming Death Valley with deadrabbits and also Scandalous in February 2012, (Death Valley is still around today) which ended up leaving just Abonzo running The Vanguard by himself. After running Death Valley for a while ThePhantomm decided to bring back The Vanguard on to the statistics page in 2013. ThePhantomm eventually decided that it was enough and resigned from the role of boss in 2014. Abonzo is still the main boss of The Vanguard even to present day but around 2015 he was greeted by Butters and Scarcio who joined his side in being bosses. Butters' reign lasted until 2017 when he stepped down, as for Scarcio he also still remains as a crew boss today. The final addition to the crew bosses was Kittyn who got promoted in 2018.

With all these individuals coming and going from their positions The Vanguard has always remained a very tight knit crew and has great respect for their members and ex-members. The crew has never been ran by a single individual though, even during the time that Abonzo was crew boss on his own he always allowed his council to make the decisions required. The Vanguard works by communication and unity of each other, this is one of the reasons why they have been so successful as a crew. The amount of great members they have had and still have is unquestionable. We did ask The Vanguard for a single best member but they were unable to provide just a single name, the only thing they could truly agree on was that they have great and amazing respect for their top dog, Abonzo. The reason for this is purely the fact that he has been their longest leading boss and has pulled them through both good and bad times.

One of their worst times as a crew would have been during round 8 when Abonzo was travelling. Scarcio was running The Vanguard and was in communication with Dalton (boss of Dutch Inc) stating that they were planning on being neutral. However, information got out that Scarcio was actually planning on shooting Dutch Inc so before The Vanguard could attack, Dutch Inc decided to act fast. Dutch Inc ended up shooting The Vanguard every week forcing them to go underground. With so many of the members getting shot time and time again they did lose several members making them weaker. With their funds becoming very low they had to grind their way out of the rough and managed to pull off a mass shooting of Dutch Inc. Although this was a huge low for The Vanguard, Scarcio did learn a very valuable lesson of which to never lie nor backstab other people again. Since he has kept his word, even to present day, The Vanguard have become stronger together.

We spoke with ThePhantomm and asked him what the toughest time was as a crew, the biggest test of strength and unity. To which we got told this,
The war with The Syndicate was an intensive one. A round plagued by duping and scripting. Our strength is our unity, a family like a crew. This is the main reason why we are still around.

Another member of The Vanguard also happily came forward to speak about one of the other wars that they had, Devischild came forward and informed us with this information.
Wars: Ofcorse the war with D. This went on for 2 or 3 rounds. The guy wouldnt give up, but he never manage to wipe us
The big fight with The Family, after we brought some of them in to TV, and they tried to take control over the crew. (Kind of guilty in this war, since i´m the one who talked TP, TM and Abonzo into letting them in. You see i know KingdomeHeart and Krake personly)

The one member who asked to hold the crew because he never had done this, he got in the leader chair. Seconds later he hard kicked us all We lost allot on this

Moderator helped some dude inside us. Cant remember his name

So with all this information from just The Vanguard we can do a quick summary of their spot through the rounds.

  • Round 1 – TV founded
  • Round 2-4 : War with The Syndicate and The Family
  • Round 5: TP founded DV, they weren’t around much.
  • Round 6: First crew on stats
  • Round 7: The Vanguard did not participate.
  • Round 8: Formation of alliance era. First crew on stats, merger with Death valley into ‘The Death Vanguard Alliance’. Painfull breakup. War with Dutch Inc, or better to say, getting our asses kicked by Dutch Inc. Late round comeback shootings.
  • Round 9: At one point TV had all S.Dons and the N.Don position. Several big shootings, mostly trying to eradicate Dutch Inc. First bullet factory for TV, 2nd crewspot. In this round we teamed up with some others and there was war between big alliances on bootleggers after The Syndicate alliance dominated. In this round we wiped The Fist, Dutch Inc, Haze Blazers, The HILL Family, The Reckoning, The Chicago Outift, Padrinos Palace and some other names related to earlier mentioned big crews. This was a fun round.
  • Round 9,5: Alliance with The Company, Most Wanted, Friends, Death Valley and some others. Lots of shootings, lots of fun. First BF this round aswell.

    So there you have it, this is The Vanguards handbook of their history and I think I say this for a lot of people, they have done very well to survive all their ups and downs to stay strong to this round. It is very impressive that they do not depend on one individual and that every individual is as respected and appreciated as the next. The members of The Vanguard are clearly very old school players with a lot of knowledge. The buzz team would like to thank The Vanguard for giving us the opportunity to interview you all and get this great information. We wish you nothing but the best of luck with this current round and the road ahead.