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Fashion: Mid 90’s forgettable trend JNCO Jeans forced to be created 70 years earlier so players can hold all of their bullets. Riot

The surprising acknowledgement of a bullet surplus as players have been receiving bullets for successful Crimes and Auto Burglaries have resulted in a vast number of bullets into the world, however, many people have been struggling to hold these higher amounts of bullets. That’s when French fashion designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel came up with an idea that was 70 years ahead of her time: the JNCO jeans.

The jeans, made from denim, get bigger the lower they go until it appears that your legs are standing in giant jean buckets. The best part of these eye sores is the fact that pockets are practical joke big, meaning that they can hold 6000% more bullets than other pants.
This new fashion breakthrough is not without downside however, as user PeacefulRanker describes his near-death experience saying “I was robbing the local ice cream shop. They had just finished giving me $2,330, 67 bullets and a small cup of Rocky Road when I heard this faint jangling approaching slowly. By the time I finished my ice cream the jangling was upon me. It was LifeKillingGuy and he had an annoyed looking detective with him showing him where I was. LifeKillingGuy seemed to be encumbered by his massive bullet holding pants. I mean that guy must have had 250,000 bullets in those pockets. He started firing and I started to run. I made a quick right around the corner. He tried to keep up and lost his balance and he tumbled into the streets. I glanced back and he kind of looked like a turtle on its shell trying to get upright. Those bullet pants were really weighing him down. I figured the detective would have helped him up, but I guess the 15 mins were up so that guy just dipped out.”
Fashion experts are hoping that society has gotten this embarrassing trend out of the way earlier and it won’t be repeated by mid 1990’s edgy kids.