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NEWS: Sunday Alliance? Phantom

On Sunday evening we were only just coming to terms with the end of a five-day bullet event which seen users be rewarded with free bullets after successfully committing a crime or auto burglary. In turn, this event brought a colossal amount of bullets into the game, everyone was expecting at least some shootings to happen, but I don’t think anyone expected what was to come.

It started off with Event Horizon being shot at the hands of Fear The Wicked and it quickly escalated into a full-blown assault on the statistics page from underground accounts belonging to a mass of different crews. The Company, Fear The Wicked, Death Valley, The Mikaelsons and Skaros Remnants launched their attack against Event Horizon, Ndrangheta, Gamblers Paradise, The Prophecy, The Dog Pound and Arab Inc. It was a shooting that went back and forth and a total of 239 accounts were ultimately whacked in Sunday’s massacre. Bullets shot from both sides of the spectrum amounted to a ginormous 11,551,060. Some extremely impressive numbers, the biggest shooting of the round so far and what may prove to be the biggest shooting of the round completely. If we break down the shooting times we can see just how well thought out and executed this plan was, also we can see that retaliation was dealt with fairly quickly. So let’s take a look at the shooting times throughout the whole of Sunday:

Midnight - 1 Whack
1 AM – 1 Whack
2 AM – 0 Whacks
3 AM - 2 Whacks
4 AM - 5 Whacks
5 AM - 2 Whacks
6 AM - 1 Whack
7 AM - 11 Whacks
8 AM - 2 Whacks
9 AM - 3 Whacks
10 AM - 4 Whacks
11 AM - 1 Whack
Noon - 8 Whacks
1 PM - 40 Whacks
2 PM - 54 Whacks
3 PM - 44 Whacks
4 PM - 18 Whacks
5 PM - 17 Whacks
6 PM - 6 Whacks
7 PM - 6 Whacks
8 PM - 2 Whacks
9 PM - 4 Whacks
10 PM - 3 Whacks
11 pm - 4 Whacks

As you can see from the statistics above, the main shooting started at roughly 1 PM bootleggers time, which would be 6 PM UK time. On this Sunday every single hour seen at least one person shot with the exception of 2 AM, so not all of these shooting were related to what has been dubbed The Sunday Alliance shooting, however from 1 PM until things seemed to calm down at 6 PM we still bore witness to an incredible shooting of 173 accounts. What makes this shooting even more impressive is the ranks of the accounts that were whacked. Let’s take a look. 34 Legendary Dons met their demise, a huge 67 Respectable Dons fell to the hands of the Whack feature and 56 Dons followed suit. Remarkable. That’s not all though, Legendary Godfather and below accounts were also made to sign back up and start fresh, a total of 82 accounts LGF and below were whacked throughout the duration of Sunday. And still, that’s not everything from the statistical side of things! Players managed to loot a very tasty $108,486,477 during the shootout. Somebody made some serious bank!

During the shooting, a forum post was made titled, “Discussion: Feb 24 Shootings” by user Nyxxie. We had a look into the forum post to see if there was anything we could find out. Poor Teddiursa was one of the first users to post, posting, “Not a clue what's going on. I never do...” Fear, not Teddiursa, the Buzz is here! User Frosty wrote, “You all owe Kyle and OP a big thank you for all the bullets ” suggesting that the attackers couldn’t have managed to execute such a shooting without the five-day bullet event. One may think that this user had just fell victim to one of the hands of the attackers. User Xena posted “RIP EH (Stow says Hi) FTW ” Which would pay homage to FTW starting the whole thing by attacking Event Horizon. But the thing that caught our eye in this topic the most was a picture posted by Bubbles that was originally on the profile of one Manolo who was was of the shooters. The picture says “F**k You Sunday Alliance” and follows with an emoji theme. All of the positive Emojis would represent the attackers whilst all the negative emojis would represent those who were attacked. The picture can be found below:

This is something that particularly interested us, mostly because we didn’t understand the context. What is the Sunday Alliance? Were the crews who shot suggesting this was a one-time thing and played on the fact that they shot on a Sunday? Or were they suggesting that the alliance currently residing on the statistics is a fake Alliance? The mind boggles. The best we can do is try to find out what actually went on and to do that we needed to speak to someone who played a part in planning the Sunday mega shooting. Queue Boggy, an influential figure in the game over the past few years and one of the prominent figures in The Company.

First and foremost we thanked Boggy for agreeing to interview and we dived in almost immediately with some questions for him, we wanted to know if The Company was the crew who spearheaded the attack? Boggy told us, “Yes, it took a decent amount of organisation and understanding from a group of individuals, who had stopped working together on the premise that the game couldn't progress with alliances. TC cut all "alliance" ties at the end of last round on the premise that the following release/round was rethought and reimagined to drop the forced alliance style. We obviously left this on good terms. Owing to the fact "RX" was nothing short of an abomination, and apparent desperation by pretty much everyone to scramble to those with like-minded ideals at the start of R9.75, we were forced to reinvent our strategy. A direct answer to your question is TC was at the forefront of planning, alongside other crews playing equally vital roles.”

We wanted to know what Boggy thought of the Sunday Alliance picture which I discussed earlier, I asked him if this was directed at the alliance on the statistics or what looks like a newly formed with regards to those who bore arms on Sunday, he told us, “We originally planned to shoot as a consortium a week prior to actually shooting. We were delayed by the inability to mobilise the vast amount of individuals and their varied availability. As far as our current stance, we've not agreed to be a part of any specific alliance or group. We're happy to move forwards with individuals or groups that share the same interest or goals, but we won't commit to an alliance as we have done previously. The "Sunday Alliance" aspect was never discussed. We shot alongside others with a view to achieving a target. I believe the picture was made in jest to show the frustration of those shooting who felt disrespected by those who were shot, too many people playing happy families just to be seen on stats you could say. Also shout out to Kyle for the free bullets” Informative but vague at the same time, not giving much away with regards to if a new alliance had indeed been formed, however stating that The Company will not be a part of an alliance as they were before. Also a homage to Kyle for the bullet event, which leads us to our next question.

We speculated that the bullet event had indeed made this shooting a lot cheaper than it had initially planned to be. We asked Boggy if because they’d had a cheaper ride this time around, could we expect more shooting of this scale in the future? Boggy replied, “100%. We've invested a lot of time to resource gathering. I honestly can't imagine having shot, to then have a bullet event dropped on us. Probably the same as some felt when we shot after the event. As mentioned earlier, we were prepped to shoot a week before. The event then became a contest between already motivated players to reduce the cost as much as possible. If you want to know should people feel safe for now? I can’t honestly answer that as we have the freedom to do what we want when we want to, which suits us down to the ground.”

With this premeditated focused primarily on crews that The Company had actively been at war with over previous rounds, we wanted to know what the motive was to continue this rivalry and war into round 9.75, Boggy said, “We shot nobody whilst we were on the stats, had nobody searched and decided to act from there. It's crystal clear that previously existing alliances are still strong, despite those bitching and moaning about them doing nothing to stop it. We shot based on what we believed to be manageable for our small group, and we shot a spot held by those we believed to be part of an opposing alliance that had previously shot at us this round.”

We wanted to know why big crews currently on the statistics page such as The Vanguard, The Sacred Empire and The Royal Family weren’t targeted in Sunday's spectacular actions, Boggy said, “We worked closely with TV and TRF last round and see absolutely no benefit to starting a war that:
A) Doesn't benefit us in any way.
B) Creates friction with those we have nothing but respect for.
Shooting either would be a poor move on our part for both counts, respect being the primary one. As part of the respect, as you're aware, when TV got shot last round, we avenged them. That decision caused us to become a focal point for enemies and resulted in us being shot multiple times, as well as delivering one of the best players we've ever played with on a plate to the enemy. If we were in the exact same situation again back in R9.5, we'd take the exact same steps each and every time. And although we're not playing alongside TV as allies this round, the respect held hasn't lessened. As far as TSE are concerned, we're not 100% on how they fit in with the rest of the fold. Time will tell with that one. We're aware they carry some big hard-hitting and influential members, I just honestly hope they don't sell themselves out for the benefit of others.” A small message to The Sacred Empire at the end of his statement.

Finally, we wanted to know what The Company wanted to achieve from this, if they had an endgame plan and finally if they wanted an opportunity to call anyone out and any closing thoughts. Boggy was quick to respond with, “We don't have a definitive end goal per se. We're taking each pass as it comes and making decisions as we go. I totally agree with your viewpoint on being either end. We got bored shitless last round just getting shot at. It's nice to be on the other side of that for the time being. We're far less pressured, tied down or committed to a cause than we ever have been before. We get to enjoy the game as a game, and not as a second job.

Not at this current time. As far as "grudges" go on this game I find the whole idea hollow. Sure, we enjoy playing with and against others, but we don't wish any ill will towards anyone. This community is brilliant and for a long time has been the only good point in BL. So wether you play with TC, or against TC I'd like to take the time to thank you either way for being part of this great community. Now we're seeing Kyle step up and become the person this game has cried out for for so long, we're happy to be along for the ride regardless of position, stature or personal view. I honestly hope he keeps up the improvment regime, listening to the playerbase as he goes.”

A very informative and interesting interview with Boggy. But we weren’t done there, we wanted to speak to someone from the side who were attacked, so we went to Event Horizon council member Aeneas. Again we thanked Aeneas for agreeing to interview with the buzz and dived in with our first question. We wanted to know why they thought Event Horizon were targeted in this colossal shooting? Aeneas told us, “We were targetted by ftw because we took over their crewspot after they got shot. We needed one at the time so jumped to the opportunity and took it. If not ftw i'm sure others would have shot us anyways. Still, fair play!”

Moving on we decided to ask Aeneas if he thought that Alliance mentality had indeed returned with this showcase Sunday shooting? He replied, “Not full time, but they do make a big part of the game once again. Call it what you like, most People/crews are hanging on again.” An interesting reply. But how do Event Horizon feel after this shooting and what would their current stance be? And would they step up their game with crewless killings in an attempt to counter shootings such as the one we had just seen? Aeneas was happy to tell us, “Stance is the same, be a well respected crew on stats. Regarding the crewless shootings, we can't avoid getting shot because the other sides will infiltrate spots as well. But with backfire disabled having bullets and die seems pointless. So why not shoot a dodgy crewless acc in the hopes it's a shooter? Depends on members themselves, if they want to shoot and stock bullets they will get target (s).”

Other than shooting crewless accounts we wanted to know if there were any other measures that Event Horizon would take to combat UG shootings as he had stated Event Horizon would remain a statistic crew, he told us, “Not much really. Rank up, buy good protection, expand spot and make it difficult. Meanwhile, try to single them out.” Finally we asked Aeneas the same question we had asked Boggy, if he had anyone he wanted to call out or any final thoughts on the shooting? He told us, “Hat's off to the Sunday shooters, nicely done! So, game on again” Game on seems to be an invitation for war, which I’m sure makes everyone excited!

So in conclusion, we have seen an incredible amount of accounts whacked on Sunday and a gigantic amount of bullets shot after a free bullet event. But the questions that lay deeper are regarding Alliances. Is Alliance mentality back and are we going to end up in another position where players are forced to join a side or die? At the moment things are nowhere near as bad as they once were but there is definitely something on the horizon. It’s up to the players now, how they act moving forward and if they can finally shake the stigma of alliance mentality or if old habits never die and we take a step backward rather than forwards. The Buzz would like to wish every crew the best of luck in their future endeavors and we are extremely excited to see what this tale has to offer in the future.