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COLUMN: Bring back the bootcast? Breeze

I’m sure a lot of the old skool players will remember the bootcast but for those who don’t it was a radio feature built into the game; it had a number of DJs who would host such as Magz, Nyxxie, Bonzo, Poison, Babyteck, Myst as well as many others. It was well loved by many players and unfortunately against their wishes was eventually removed from the game.

Recently I have heard a lot of people talking and asking about the bootcast and if it would ever return. I can’t get those answers but I can make an article about it to try and convince Kyle that it was a very well loved feature and that’s its missed by many of you.

I personally always remember tuning in whenever I had the time, sometimes hours had passed of listening to Mags and Sabins banter amongst some great music, some of which I even requested myself, was always great to share my favourite music with my fellow players. There was always a topic in the Game forum telling you when it was live which would then become the place to discuss anything to do with the show such as requests, competitions even just to chat about what was being discussed or played.

I thought about how to write this article for a while and I figured what could be better then the opinions of all of YOU, some of the very people that loved the bootcast and so I started off with our very own retired DJ Nyxxie here is what she had to say about things:

‘The game was what seemed as its peak during the time the Bootcast was in full swing, and so it was easy to find people to be DJs and just as easy to have a mass of listeners. Not only did we do contests and giveaways, but we also reported on in-game news as it was happening. I would play hours at a time, taking requests and playing songs that were popular during the time, it was super interactive and a lot of fun.
Unfortunately, that was over 10 years ago and times have changed for me. I wouldn't be able to devote nearly the same amount of time to doing the bootcast as I had in the past, but would love to be part of it as a listener if it did come back. It brought an element to the game that no text can offer.’

So sadly, Nyxxie wouldn’t return to DJ for us but she is just one of many who like to see the return of the bootcast! Here is another opinion from a listener who’s an underground player who wished to remain anonymous:

‘I miss poison ringing takeaway company’s asking if they do liver. Then they say yes and he said ok I’ll have a liver and bacon pizza then. Then they say no no I meant deliver.
I also miss the giveaways which was great, and just finding new music that I didn’t knew existed ‘

Another person who misses the fun the bootcast brought. Irishmatt also gave his opinion as a listener:

‘I used to love the games and contests that were held on the bootcast from what I can remember it was ran interdependently by a few individuals from the game I also used to like the fact that it brought the community together’

I couldn’t agree more with it bringing the community together, a lot of my good friends on bootleggers were made from listening to the shows! I then went on to speak to another DJ of the old bootcast DJ Bonzo and here’s what he had to say:

‘The boot cast is my favourite memory of BL and one of the many reason I am attached to this game, it inspired me to become a DJ in real life and i did quite a few gigs at raves and Free party's back in my youth. I tended to always be on, on a Sunday morning and I loved it, quite a few people were hard core djbonzo fans. I loved chilling on a Sunday morning sharing the music I loved with my fans. Sounds cheesy now but it did give me a lot of joy. Personally, I would love to see it return out of the joy it caused me. Also used to love listening to Mags, Thought he was a fantastic DJ and a lot of good memories from his many shows, i remember the 24hour bootcast that he did, was out of hand, so much dedication.

Due to a change of circumstances I would be limited to Returning to the Boot cast as a DJ that did interactive shows but would happily return as one that just played songs on it all day; however I am sure there are many music lovers on bl and the feature would be a success. I do not feel it a viable option as royalties rights have gotten stricter and I imagine the licence is super expensive to acquire and without people giving up free time the expensive features dies.’

Another great lover of the bootcast, as well as a fantastic well-loved DJ also as stated by Abonzo the royalties rights have indeed changed, however we could look into an external radio system. So there is yet hope for the bootcast! That said I then went on to talk to Forbidden who was responsible for the comeback bootcast made as ’bootblast’ here is what he had to say on the matter:

‘Hey, the boocast, or BootBlast as it was renamed a few rounds ago was a great way for the community to come together, giveaways, games and general music requests. Shoutouts etc. It was great, and it was great to bring that back with DefiantMonkey a few years ago. If it had the opportunity to return, I would be happy to DJ as well as I'm Sure DefiantMonkey would also. I miss the engagement, the technical side of DJ'ing, setting up the software, getting my headphones on and hitting that streaming button. It brought a new side to BL that others do not get the opportunity to experience, and it was a great way to build confidence for anyone. I remember a few rounds ago we had a bootblast competition, more like a quick fire quiz with a 2k gold prize for the winner. People were able to get ads for their casinos to people who were listening but didn't want to look at the classifieds because they were too busy gambling elsewhere.'

So here we have someone who is willing to be a part of the bootcast comeback, as he has been once before perhaps if he could get more support it could happen. Many others also expressed how much they enjoyed the bootcast and would like to see a return but we also had some contradicting opinions of people saying they think it’s now outdated and wouldn’t have the same effect it once did.

I’m left with the opinion that there is a big audience who would like to see it make a comeback however, that said it would have to be greatly modified. Perhaps there would be a way to make radio that auto played any requests put in making the DJ role less time consuming. Perhaps something external and unofficial even, so that the players can go onto an offsite radio and listen together. Or as we see now a new era is upon us where people are making podcasts for just about everything? Maybe a bootlegger’s podcast could be considered? That way people can listen to it as and when they chose too and skip the parts they aren’t interested in. Something released once a month for the players by the players.

This article was done in favour for those who want the bootcast or something similar re-released, myself included. For the record I would also like to DJ if it did make a return! I hope this sparks someone’s interest and we see something similar to the bootcast return in the very near future!