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INTERVIEW: Behind The Name! Breeze

Username - LordNicky
What’s your real name? - Nicky Plaisier
Where are you from? - Belgium, Limburg province
How long have you been playing? - Been playing since 2003, with a little 10 year break between 2010 and now
How did you hear about the game? - I used to play another game about mafia, some people (who founded TBH here) convinced me to give Bootleggers a try.
What made you pick your username? - When I first started playing here, RuneScape was a thing, I went by the name LordNicky_13 there. Here LordNicky wasn't taken, so I picked that one ^^
If you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done? - Hmmz, my friends and family would probably think I'd get caught for doing something wrong whilst under the influence of alcohol

Username - Grappler
What’s your real name? - Robin
Where are you from? - The Netherlands
How long have you been playing? - This is my first account again since years, played for many years but mostly in the beginning of BL.
How did you hear about the game? - I spoke to an old friend of mine from BL and he told me there have been a reset a few weeks ago and there will be some changes in the game. So thats why I am here again. When I started playing BL in the beginning I played a lot of online mafia games, thats how I started playing BL.
What made you pick your username? - I practice a sport that is called grappling. That is why this is my name, I am so bad in new usernames
What’s the most ridiculous fact you know? - The closest descendant of Tyrannosaurus Rex that still lives today is a chicken.

Username - TheUnknownGangster
What’s your real name? - My real name is dan
Where are you from? - im from the uk from a county called essex
How long have you been playing? - ive been playing bl since voodoodoll was boss of the organized cryme syndicate many many years ago that was when i was back in high school im now 27 and will be 28th on the 22nd of march next month so probably close to 15 years maybe playing the game
How did you hear about the game? - i heard about the game back in high school there was so many from my school playing at the time really
What made you pick your username? - hmmmmm what made me pick my username i tried to come up with a name that would be game related and be unique it took alot of thinking back when i first ever played the game many moons ago
What will finally break the internet? - in what sense? Lol. Thanks for your time to wanna include me in a buzz article aswell

Username - Chevelle
What’s your real name? - Rick, nothing special
Where are you from? - The Netherlands / Holland. Yeah that famous weed smoking country in Europe, but that's not me to be honest. Let's talk about the weather Lot's of rain..
How long have you been playing? - I don't know the exact date I started, but it was somewhere in 2004, I was 11 years old, didn't understand half of the game because my English was not so good..
How did you hear about the game? - My older brother played the game back then, and everything your older brother does is cool so thats when I started playing together with him. In '04 there were no rules about family accounts. So we did a lot of OC's together!
What made you pick your username? - I love old American muscle cars, the 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle being one of my favorites.
Tell something interesting about yourself? - I started photoshopping for Bootleggers, sold the pics on the forums. Nowadays I have a fulltime job as a graphic designer in real life! Never forget your roots!