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NEWS: The Demise of Arab Inc. iPrOpHeT_xX

With the bullet event approaching it's final days bullets started to fly. There were many casualties but this story caught my attention. After some digging around I found out that The Royal Family were the ones to wipe Arab Inc off the stats. So naturally the first contact I had was with Harhar and Honkytonkconk of The Royal Family. They were more than willing to share their version of recent events. I asked them to tell me what happened, what set off the the barrage of bullets that resulted in Arab Inc falling of the stats, this is what they had to say about the history and reasons behind the whacks that took place on 26/2/2019.

The story of their rocky relationship started at the beginning of the round. Weezy of Arab Inc insided The Royal Family and was waiting for the day for the kill feature to be released. Weezy leaked all of The Royal Families information to Axteze so they shoot and the crew dropped to him. Weezy and his accomplices were shot. However their allies Axteze kept shooting Arab Inc. After this, an agreement was made with Axteze and information was exchanged and The Royal Family realized Arab Inc was manipulative.

Later The Royal Family was shot by The People, an underground crew recently profiled.

"We had suspicions that Arab Inc was behind it because we didn't have any other enemies." The Royal Family aquired intel and passed it around to crew bosses that were relevant.

"We knew a guy inside Arab Inc that was bored, he shot 2 of Arab Inc members and he profiled as the underground crew The People. In seconds Boyka contacted me and asked why did u shoot me. I told him it wasn't me, it's the same UG team who shot The Royal Family shot you. He said no this guy isn't with The People. This was the final piece of evidence we needed. With all the evidence collected over time I could say it was self-defense."

Sunday night Fear The Wicked shot Arab Inc before The Royal Family could make their move. The Royal Family council took the decision to take on Arab Inc Tuesday when they all were finally in their spot. "We are not stupid. We will not play silly games." Those were the last words Harhar had for the buzz.

Myself being curious and not knowing the history between these two crews I asked a few questions of my own. I was confused on why there was tension in the first place, The Royal Family informed me that they and Arab Inc had only a truce. Out of curiosity I also asked them how long it took to wipe Arab Inc off the stats. It turns that the average wipe times are around 90 mins. 1 hour 46 minutes was their time frame from the first dead to the crew dropping from the stats. After the interview was over they had mentioned they found something out about the whack feature, apparently A Legendary Don attempted to whack a Legendary Godfather with the 99% option had failed. Twice.

(Yes I asked for photo evidence and it's true.)

Unfortunately, not everyone is as detailed as The Royal Family. I got a hold of Axteze to see if the accusations of them leaking information was true, they denied having any involvement. Axteze knew The Royal Family had their reasons to shoot but didn't know they were going to until bullets started to hit their targets.

It was also brought to my attention that The Vanguard also had information on why Arab Inc deserved to meet their demise. According to sources Arab Inc tried to get The Vanguard into war with The Liberated Family by selling The Vanguard a dirty casino. For anyone who doesn't know the term, a dirty casino is a casino that was dropped due to the casino holder being shot. The Vanguard were told Arab Inc would buy it back however they kept making excuses. Had The Royal Family not shot Arab Inc, The Vanguard would have. Unless Arab Inc returns the gold The Vanguard paid, they see Arab Inc as a hostile crew.

After days of searching I had a hard time finding Boyka, the crew boss of Arab Inc. Most of the crew was banned or seemingly underground. Eventually threw one of my sources I was able to make contact. As you may know, Arab Inc survived the Sunday alliance attack on 24/2/2019. Arab Inc was weak and felt The Royal Family used that to their advantage. "We are UG at the moment and will get revenge for sure. We were expecting such an attack and low move from low people." Those were the last words Boyka had for the buzz.

Fear The Wicked was responsible for most of the Sunday alliance shootings against Arab Inc. There reason was they believed Arab Inc was housing Axteze members and they were a bunch of cheaters trying to cheat their way to get on the stats. Their alliance with Event Horizon only made their decision easier the Arab Inc had to go.

The Royal Family was quite proud of their accomplishment of wiping Arab Inc off the stats. Will they get top 3 in the STATISTICS: Crew Power Rankings? Well that's up to my editor to decide.