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STATISTICS: Crew Power Rankings JJJameson

The Royal Family

By shooting Arab Inc and still being present on the statistics, The Royal Family shows that they are in first place this week!


Mutiny has shown that they can withstand some resistance from recent shootings. Action is rewarded, so a deserved second place!

The Sacred Empire

With plenty of action and two crews and a gang spot at the moment, The Sacred Empire shows that they are in the top 3 of this week.

The Vanguard

A steady family with high ranked members. The Vanguard makes their presence with their crew games and shows that they do not have a bad financial situation.

Death Valley

Death Valley showed their presence again this weekend. Glad we can always count on you boys when it comes to action!

Sector Zero

Keep on chillin’ guys!

The Night’s Watch

Keep guarding the Bootleggers Wall guys and girls – good job!

The Invisibles

They are invisible.

The Chicago Outfit

After The Chicago Outfit have been hit by recent shootings, they are still on the Statistics. Build up and show that you are in the top 10 lads! Game on!

La Casa De Papel

The best known gang when it comes to Bank Organized Crimes. The banks are empty because of their robberies and they go on and on and on…