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PUZZLE: Bootleggers Buzz Weekly Puzzle Nyxxie

Answers of last week:
  • TheRoyalFamily / Uses hex color code #330033 as their crew color
  • CrewGames / Current spots taken by The Royal Family, The Night's Watch, and Arab Inc.
  • FearTheWicked / Underground crew responsible for a majority of kills made on February 24
  • Mission Guide / Forum post that is bumped often
  • DinoPirozzi / He's cheap, but can you handle the wait?
  • BrunoFerilli / Michigan Gangster who requires your busting skills.
  • xpac / This player wore a "I give 00% at work" shirt in his photo album picture.
  • Duesenberg / California car that saw a spike in selling price to $999,999 on Sunday.
  • Riot / This person has a sign up date of "2018-12-15 11:23:20"
  • JerseyCity / City that is home to Joyce's Gasoline.
  • Suicide / Kill Requests are on the rise due to this missing feature.