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GAMES: The Vanguard presents The Hunt JJJameson

Two weeks ago The Vanguard decided to host a big competition named ‘The Hunt’ on the Game Forum. The prize that you could win was based on your rank, varied from Boss (700 gold) to Don and above (1,700 gold). Players could register themselves for The Hunt by posting ''I wish to join the hunt'' on the Game Forum. Game on!

In total, 16 players decided to join The Hunt (1. PurpleWayne, 2. Pendulum, 3. MtRand, 4. JustDoMe, 5. Giovanni, 6. GankiPrime, 7. HighLife, 8. Deadpool, 9. Sedaps, 10. Eon, 11. Andre, 12. Sama, 13. h2o, 14. Virus, 15. Vampire and 16. Simar). Unfortunately for those brave players, there was only room for 6 players to join this dangerous game. The contestants were chosen by six dice games on the Off Topic Forum. Each winner of the dice game won a ticket to be a contestant and an additional $1,000,000. Now that ‘‘The Hunted’’ (GankiPrime, Deadpool, PurpleWayne, Sedaps, HighLife and Andre) were known, The Hunt could finally start!

So, how did this game actually work? Twelve members of The Vanguard (The Hunters) would search the 6 players who had an entry ticket (The Hunted). They used Noemi Esposito as Private Investigator and once a target was found they would be shot using the lowest kill option (77% to 79% kill chance). If a hunted player survived, they would be researched. This process repeated itself until there was only one Hunted left. The last remaining Hunted was declared as the winner and took the prize fund!

To make things more interesting, The Vanguard also decided to host two big gambles regarding The Hunt for the big audience. First of all there was the possibility to bet on the expected Hunters. All twelve Hunters had a special nickname which made the bet more interesting (Hunter 1: Hawkeye, Hunter 2: Mr NoChips, Hunter 3: King of fgts, Hunter 4: Cocaine Hero, Hunter 5: The Soapdropper, Hunter 6: The Donator, Hunter 7: The Hangman, Hunter 8: Big daddy, Hunter 9: The Joker, Hunter 10: The Machine, Hunter 11: The Artist and Hunter 12: ‘El Professor’). Second, the audience had the possibility to bet on the expected winner. The total prize pot of the gambles were 55 million and 53 million. CASSSHING!

Alright, the contestants were known and the gambles were made – it was time to start THE HUNT! All contestants started running with different tactics. One player decided to hide in the sewer, other players decided to run nonstop or keep driving with stolen cars. PurpleWayne was the first player who was found and shot – he did not survive and with that there were only 5 contestants left. Nine minutes later, one of The Hunters located Andre and was able to kill him with 19,800 bullets. Four players left!

It was then when one of the Hunters found HighLife hiding in the sewers. 22,500 bullets were fired, but HighLife survived! Searches were restarted and HighLife was still alive and continued being hunted. Four minutes later another Hunted found Sedaps and killed him with 22,200 bullets. 3 players left! 50 minutes after HighLife survived his attack, a different Hunter found him and finished the job with 11,200 bullets. Only GankiPrime and Deadpool were left! At 13:23 BL Time several witnesses saw Deadpool being killed by one of The Hunters by using 9,160 bullets. By that GankiPrime was announced as winner, which was nowhere to be found. Turns out that he was nonstop driving on the highway in his tuned Starpegasus. Once he was located, the entire Vanguard gave him a well-deserved applause and he was rewarded with 1,200 gold!

A great and exciting game and therefore The Vanguard decided to host this game one more time! If you are interested in joining The Hunt, please go to the topic on the Game Forum and register now!

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