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STATISTICS: Crew Power Rankings JJJameson


A big, big, BIG disappointment ladies and gentlemen. With only 18 Boss+ kills it has been the most boring week on Bootleggers of round 9.75 so far. With that, The Buzz decided to list none of you all! Now stop reading this, go the Auto Burglary page and start stealing cars to melt them into bullets. Remember… Bullets… To shoot! If you really want a top 10-list of the strongest crews on Bootleggers, then we demand you to show it to us!

Furthermore, we at the Buzz need your opinion about the weekly article ‘Crew Power Rankings’. At this moment we are not satisfied about the current form of the article and therefore we would like to hear some feedback!

The current form of the article is totally subjective and not based on any underlying statistics. Furthermore the article provides you a top 10 of that specific week and it does not provide a cumulative top 10 of the entire round. It also only consists of crews on the statistics, so at this moment underground crews have no chance of getting listed into the top 10.

Again, we would like to hear some feedback from you (e.g. about the mentioned points above). We will then (as always) do our best to use your feedback in the next Bootleggers Buzz! Thank you all!