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NEWS: The Sacred Empire vs Ndrangheta and uknown shooters! Phantom

Last week we saw Ndrangheta fall at the hands of The Sacred Empire which subsequently followed two attacks by unknown shooters on The Sacred Empire. The Sacred Empire has now laid claim to Ndrangheta’s California bullet factory and everything seems to be a little bit up in the air at the moment. This week the Buzz dives a little bit deeper into this story to find out what exactly is going on.

The Sacred Empire have thus far claimed a neutrality stance this round which has seemed to benefit them, putting them in a great position on the statistics page with plenty of properties to go with it. One thing that has eluded them until recently though is a Bullet Factory. Ndrangheta, who have claimed California Bullet factory since close to the beginning of the round have been on The Sacred Empires scopes for a short while it would seem. With rising tensions between both crews, The Sacred Empire earlier this week took the plunge and attacked Ndrangheta and we are yet to see any form of real retaliation, however, we have seen The Sacred Empire attacked but we will get to that later in the story.

Speaking to AbuRagheb, whom we will call Abu for the remainder of this article, boss of The Sacred Empire, we wanted to find out more about the attack on Ndrangheta and how it came about. We asked Abu if the sole reason for attacking Ndrangheta was for the sake of a claim to California bullet factory, Abu told us, “The BF was not the only reason. Tensions had been rising between both crews and even though Neno acted respectfully towards us, we felt our directions were bound to collide at some point. So we decided to take action while matters were within our control” For those who don’t know, Neno is the leader of Ndrangheta. We wanted to find out more about the tensions that lead to The Sacred Empire shooting Ndrangheta, so we further quizzed Abu regarding this. “He shot two of our underground members. One of his members shot at one of our members, but to be fair he hard kicked him and shot him. We also had the same incident and dealt with it in the same manner. He asked one of our members for funding and to shoot for him. Rumors circling around him weren't very peaceful either” Abu didn’t comment further on the rumors which lead him to assume Neno wasn’t of the peaceful kind, so we moved swiftly on.

We wanted to know if The Sacred Empire were concerned about any kind of repercussions, considering Ndrangheta are known to be friendly with crews such as Dutch Inc, a crew which has already shot with Ndrangheta this round. We asked Abu if he was concerned about repercussions from Dutch Inc or any crew that Ndrangheta may be allied to, he told us, “Other than The Dog Pound, we do not see any direct threats. We've done our homework before execution, and we believe both Ndrangheta and The Dog Pound will be singled out from any alliances they were a part off. But you can never how with BL politics, things could change any moment.”

We now turned our attention to the two attacks in succession on The Sacred Empire and wanted to know what Abu thought about this. Witness Statements for these attacks have been incredibly scarce, so all of the shooters are yet to be identified. One of the shooters, however, who was discovered profiled up as a Death Valley account. This is something that intrigued us highly as Death Valley had been long-standing friends of The Sacred Empire. We thought a little bit about it and we couldn’t come up with a motive regarding Death Valley taking a pop at The Sacred Empire. We asked Abu if he thought Death Valley was behind at least one of the shootings, he told us, “No, Death Valley had no hand in the shooting. It was a ploy designed to make us question DV and inflict further tensions between our crews.”

We asked Abu if he had any idea who was really behind the attacks, he told us, “Yes, but I would rather not expose any further information for the time being.” With that being said, we got the idea that Abu didn’t really want to discuss anything regarding this further so we asked him if he had anything else to say before concluding the interview, he stated, “It's a long war and the damage inflicted so far isn't as bad as we first expected. Not much has really changed to convey a new message.” We thanked Abu for speaking to us and moved on.

We decided that this wasn’t the end of the story and wanted to try and find out who was behind these shootings ourselves. We first reached out to Scandalous, boss of Death Valley to get his insight into the shootings. We asked him directly if Death Valley were behind the attack on The Sacred Empire, Scandalous was quick to answer with a simple, “No.”

We asked why he thought someone would use Death Valley shootings after attacking The Sacred Empire if it wasn’t actually them, he told us, “I have some theories and suspicions just like anyone else would have. I got no issues with TSE and see them as friends. We got a lot of history together and I'm sure DV is one of the reasons why TSE isn't joining the EH/AX co alliance at this point. I think this was a cheap shot at turning TSE against us.” The finger was pointed towards Event Horizon, Axteze and the rest of their alliance.

We asked Scandalous if he had any proof behind his accusations or if they were just pure speculation, he told us, “TSE keeps getting shot by a crew who is afraid to show who they really are. I have nothing to gain from shooting TSE. Other crews who are on stats have everything to gain from them being gone or under control as puppets. I would have claimed the kills as well I got nothing to lose death valley is underground.” It seems as though Scandalous’s accusations are speculation unless he was hiding something from us.

We finished the interview by asking if he had anything to say to those were using Death Valley pictures to grow the tensions between The Sacred Empire and Death Valley to which he replied, “Sad C*nts grow some balls.” Strong words from Scandalous.

We reached out to Neno shortly afterward to find out if Ndrangheta were behind the shootings and to get their take on the initial shooting where they fell to the hands of The Sacred Empire. Unfortunately, Neno was unavailable for comment due to time constraints.

So after the massacres at hand, The Sacred Empire has lost some high ranks and influential members in the crew. We believe this is ultimately why they have recently lost influence and subsequently lost their family spot. We are still not 100% certain who is behind the attacks on The Sacred Empire, the obvious finger would point towards Ndrangheta or their allies. Will this spear Death Valley into the conflict for inappropriately using their crew pictures? And will The Sacred Empire finally drop any time in the near future in an act of revenge? I cannot answer these questions. But what I am almost positive of is that this story is far from over and we at the buzz are excited to see what happens next.