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CREWS: Welcome Back The Revolutionary Front! Phantom

This round we have seen many an old face crop back up into the existence of Bootleggers. One of those people was LordNicky, an old school player from the past who had been involved in multiple crews including The Black Horde, MS Inc. and most famously leading The Revolutionary Front. This week we have seen the return of The Revolutionary Front to the statistics page, we found out what LordNicky had to say regarding this!

We first and foremost congratulated LordNicky on bringing back The Revolutionary Front! We asked him for a brief history regarding the crew. He didn’t disappoint and we questioned if LordNicky understood what the word brief meant, so buckle in for his response! “Hello, Thank you for your good wishes, it feels good to be back on the stats after about 13 years. The history of TRF in short goes as follows:

A bootleggers friend, who happened to live in Belgium as well, (TheXtoresist) asked me to join a new project with some guy I knew from the TBH days; called WolfTheInfamous. I joined, was made co-boss with Wolf. The other people in the council at that time were TheXtoresist, PostMoov, CrazyDevil and PoisonAngel. After a couple of days, we gathered enough points to buy a crewspot. (2.500 points, if my memory serves me correctly). We went upground and all in all, the crew went quite well.

The major problem we had, was that we were rather big, but not all that powerfull. (we had about 120 members, but no Bullet Factories, not a lot of points, …) Wolf and me however managed to forge an alliance with MS Inc. (Moxie, BlueDay and Spine) and some of their associates (which later formed into “None!”). This resulted in MS Inc. joining us in a close alliance and Wolf getting us control over 4-5 Bullet Factories and 5 slot machines. This all of a sudden catapulted us to the status of most powerfull crew on stats. We managed to consolidate this power, partially due to alliances with some other crews. (like The Plague, Gangsters Sanctuary, VatoS Locos, …)

Some notable people who were in TRF, include; Fixxer, BrightStar, Daisy, Bizurker, MostWantedOutlaw, Dadou, Toscy, FlameS, EyeKill, Spidah, Sam, TheXtoresist, PostMoov, CrazyDevil, AngelGirl, PalmMan, American, NYC, SubRoda, Lexin, Mixin, KingDomHeart, Ghb, HB, Raoul, BigGame, Fry, Zombie, AbuRagheb, Jordan, and loads of others)

At some point The Revolutionary Front became so big that we even founded a second crew on the stats; “The Red Army”. This made us so big that we were practically unwipeable. (200 Lgf+ in TRF, about 120 Rboss+ in TRA at our max) Because of all our bullet factories, we had the ability to save 120-150 k bullets per day on our shooters. In the space of 7 months, me, Moxie and Spine shot about 1500 accounts and a load of crews.

After about 7 months of almost unrivaled power, BSF decided to hold a reset. Wolf decided to retire after this, so I made the decision not to reform the crew at that time. (partially because it would be impossible to equal our success, partially because I just started college)

At some point in 2012, Jordan brought The Revolutionary Front back without permission from either me or Wolf, so within a week, I wiped the crew with my account Serenity.

For like a year I brought The Red Army back upground, but things weren’t the same. So after a while I decided to retire. This retirement lasted for about 10 years; now (February 2019) Vibie forced me to be back.

I decided to reform The Revolutionary Front after a hiatus of about 13 years, cause it’s clear that people need the oldskool, Revolutionary beacon of hope and power on the stats! I’m happy to say that almost immediately, there was a lot of support from oldtime members. (Spine, Klea, Spidah, Z0mbie, Toscy, Gusto, VxS and Coastie all immediately rejoined, together with some other friends from back in the days) I’m hoping we’ll have a bright new future as a crew. Not just as a bunch of oldtimers, but hopefully with some new people aswell in the future.”

Following on from LordNicky’s final statement, we asked him what his plans for the crew actually were for the remainder of the round, he told us, “We're planning to slowly keep on building. Where possible, we're trying to contact as many old members as possible to come back and join us. Hopefully we can do this in a peacefull manner, without too many wars with others, as that's just a waste of resources at the moment.”

We wanted to know more and further probed LordNicky into his intentions of the crew. We asked him if we would see The Revolutionary Front of old or if this was born out of nostalgic reasons, he told us, “Well, this is not a joke crew, if that's your question. I'd like this to be a strong crew again, with a good, stable, power base. Obviously, some nostalgia is involved, but that doesn't take away from the fact that we take this seriously. And hey, who knows, maybe in the future, we'll have 5 bullets factories again.” A serious statement from LordNicky about his intentions for his crew.

We asked if LordNicky had managed to find any allies for The Revolutionary Front yet, to which he replied, “In a couple of days we're gonna start formal talks with other crews/gangs, since the first few days have been the most dangerous and it was more important to form a well-functioning crew first and foremost. We are obviously friendly with The Sacred Empire (given the fact that most of their bosses are ex-TRF members) and Axteze (given the fact that Spine is closely associated with them), but no formal alliances have been formulated so far. We will get to that in the coming week.”

Finally, we wanted to know if LordNicky had any final words for the buzz or a message of intent for the rest of the game, he told us, “I'd like to use this opportunity to thank all my current members for their trust and support, it's nice to see that even after 10 years TRF still lives on. I'd also like to thank the people who helped with the crewspot, their help was very much welcomed. Also, I'd like to thank Moxie for all his help over the years; he might be gone but he's never forgotten.”

We at the Buzz would like to wish the best of luck to The Revolutionary Front and their future Bootlegging endeavors!