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INTERESTING: The Masters Of Deception Beelzebub

Now even though scams are frowned upon, it is not against the Terms Of Service. It is the play style of some people and an easy way to earn a little wealth, it's also an easy way to get shot. I have seen my fair share of it, and I know a lot of players fell victim at the beginning of the round. My first guest is the notorious Ben.

Ben?! Yes Ben, the infamous Ben. You may have been accused of being him at one point in time but it's not your fault. He has scammed a lot of people but since then he has turned over a new leaf and has been trying to play straight, and he would like to tell his story.

Bens claims his biggest scam would be back around the time when The Family was attempting a manual reset, which in one single escrow with someone, he scammed them for 12,000 gold, 3 casinos and $300,000,000 in cash. So in order to score a pot that big, you have to start thinking, what does a player want. Money and Power. At this point in time, The Family was dominating, shooting anyone not on their safe list as soon as you hit the rank boss. The target went by the name Moses, a member of Jailbreak Paradise. Jailbreak Paradise was on The Family's safe list. So going back to what does this player want, well what else but to join a dominating crew, so Ben got his laptops and he created a skype group chat pretending to be members of The Family. Ben signed up as the user Hedge and made contact with him posing as Kraake, boss of The Family. After messaging a few fake screenshots of $1,000,000,000 in the bank, he joined the skype chat. Ben used reverse psychology in order to make him devalue his own resources. Moses was promised a position in The Family as a banker and with the added pressure and fake screenshots he was eager to join. Next step was to make him give up everything, this was achieved by informing him that in order for this to all come together, he had to pass the trust test before he had access to the $1,000,000,000. It required him to hand over his stuff, which was promised back to him when he respawns on a new account. He thought about it for a while but since Ben was also pretending to be a player by the name of Denise, he finally convinced him. Now the final step was to make sure Moses couldn't retaliate. Moses was then told to suicide his account and join The Family Underground. He was never to be seen again.

Now after reading that you are probably wondering what does that have to do with average player? The answer to is simple. Don't believe everything you hear or see. The proof is in the pudding. No one is going to promise you power or riches out of no where. If a crew is genuinely interested in you the conversation isn't going to be about you giving them stuff. It's going to be what the crew can do for you and what is expected of you as a member of a community in return.

The next story is from the player Acer. After a very humbling conversation with him, he was ready to tell his story.

SneakyPete was really the biggest scheme Acer has achieved but he wouldn't say that the created personality scammed on a high level. SneakPete didn't come into the game as a new player, just an old player who refused to give out his identity. The scams were Organized Crime scams, and persuading people who didn't like Acer to like SneakyPete instead, and it worked. SneakyPete was the first account hitlisted in the round, made it to Legendary Don, made the first Legendary Don kill (even though the account was boosted back to Legendary Don), it fooled many players, and he got to make a lot of friends with enemies of Acer, he was even sought after to join crews like Fear The Wicked. Fear The Wicked does not like Axteze which made the opportunity great. He was able to leak enough information to let fellow crew members know that an attack was coming and a few of them were able to conserve resources thanks to Sneaky's relationship with ImmortalSouljah who was nicknamed Soljah Boy by Acer.

Sneaky also found out who his new found friends did not like, The Sacred Empire, which leads to the shooting of members of the crew to grow closer to his new found friends. It was just a really dirty, but fun experiment that really worked out in his favor at the time, even though the accounts affected by SneakyPete were boosted. Acer found it funny how Soljah Boy thought there is no way Acer was SneakyPete, SneakyPete was told things that would have been used against them. Little did he know that SneakyPete did use those things in his favor, without giving up his identity by doing something obvious. No one knew that he was SneakyPete, other than one close friend that will remain anonymous. Regardless of the outcome of everything, the bans, the reputation of Acer worsening, ext, it was truly a fun experience for him. But some fun must come to an end and he is back to playing legit. but am in the process of taking a long break.

Acer had one last thing to say to the general players. "The experience was fun, but it did require a lot of effort and persuasion that I don't see myself putting that type of effort towards again. I have a lot of respect for the majority of the player base, you all are great! Other than Soljah Boy and... Stow. Stow is a snitching rat who blows."

What we can learn from Acers story is confirm you know who you're talking to via some outside sources such as social media, Discord, WhatsApp, ext. But even then you are still at risk. Don't loan money or gold you will be upset about losing.

This was a pretty lengthy story covering two types of scams. Paying attention to cues is very important but I regret to inform you, you're not going to catch all scams. Sooner or later you might be betrayed. The best possible lesson to learn is after you become a victim yourself. And most importantly, IT IS JUST A GAME. Have fun. Play the game how you want. Make suggestions on how the Bootleggers Community can grow and become better.