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POLL: Favourite crew of all time – Bootleggers buzz poll Breeze

I can honestly say this went differently to how I expected. The top crews mentioned won’t be a surprise for the most part but the amount of different crews you guys chose was beyond my expectations. It goes to show that we are a divided community these days with many people still holding on to their old loyalties despite there only being a handful of them left. Thanks to everyone who has taken part this poll it wouldn’t have been possible without you!
In total I had 245 different people voting. In them votes 73 different crews were mentioned and included in this poll.
I decided to do the first sets of votes in groups as so many different crews received a vote and all deserved to get mentioned.
The following crews received one vote each:
Penthouse, Death Valley, La Costa Nostra, Outlawz, Hells Angels, Fierce Allegiance, Chaos Soldiers, VilS Slum, Zombie Campaign, Downtown Delegates, The Fallen Angel, The Chain Gang, Natural Born Killers, Ndrangheta, Dirty House, Vatos Locos, Team America, La Casa De Papel, Ministry of Weed, Club Boogie, Arab Inc, Mutiny, La Onda, The Fist, M,O,B, The Firm, Skaros Remnants, Fear The Wicked, The Corleone Family, Mr Hansamanns Legions, The Dog Pound, M.S Inc, Bootleggers Fire Dept, Balamb Garden, Atelphobia, Virtual Reality and The FaTaL Wounds.
Congrats to all those crews on getting a mention some are very old skool and it was nice bit nostalgia for me to hear them mentioned after all this time!

There were a total of 14 crews that’s received two votes each, they are as follows:

Smokes and Mirrors, None!, The Black Dragons, Ombra Di Lucifer, Dei Medici, Boston Mob, Brotherhood Without Banners, Eternal Labyrinth, Mobb Figgaz, Omerta, House of Clowns, Winter Hill Gang, The Illuminati and The State.

Congrats to some very well-known old crews there who I thought would have been higher up the table but still got counted just the same.

A total of 5 crews received a total of three votes each and here they are:

The Supremacy, The Black Horde, Most Wanted, Gangsters Sanctuary and Yakuza

All very well deserving crews of the votes they got!

Just 4 four crews made it up too receiving four votes each and they are as follows:

The Chicago Outfit, The Order, The Syndicate and The Gambino Family.

Congrats to them on making it towards the top end of the poll!

No crews received five votes so we moved straight on to the 3 crews who got Six votes each:

Immortal Ghosts, Sector Zero and The Invisibles.

Good well known crews here and very pleased to see my own make it so far up the poll!

Another 3 crews received seven votes each and made it to The last of the groups they are:

The Family, Axteze and Revelation.

Congrats to them for making it to the top of the groups!

The crew that came in 6th place and received a total of eight votes is:

Dutch Inc

Congrats to making it to the top 6!

In 5th place with the crew with a total of nine votes is

The Regulators

So pleased that an old skool crew made it to the top!

In joint 4th place with a total of twelve votes are the following crews:

The Royal Family and Event Horizon

Both are current crews and very worthy of their place.

In 3rd place with is a crew with a very impressive fourteen votes is:

The Deadly Alliance

A very worthy winner of 3rd place, had many nice memories mentioned to me along with the votes.

In 2nd place with a staggering lead of nineteen votes is a very special crew:

The Sacred Empire

I’m not at all surprised at this placing, fantastic crew with some truly brilliant people.

Now last but not least in 1st place with an out the ball park win with thirty six votes for them is:

The Vanguard

Congratulations guys, absolutely smashed the win and truly well deserved. The amount of love that you got was flabbergasting you was away with lead from the start and never once lost it.

I had a brilliant time talking to you all and collecting your votes. Please leave a comment suggesting what poll you would all like to see next!