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EXCLUSIVE: Staff Update FlameS

Hey folks,

We are hoping to bring you a weekly update in the Buzz so you can have some visibility of what we have been working on each week.

For this week we are giving you an update on;

  • What FlameS and Riot have been working on
  • Known Issues and bugs

What Riot and FlameS have been working on

Hello everyone!

It has been an interesting and busy fortnight for Riot and I. We have cleared the Help Desk of all but a handful of more challenging tickets, we hosted a couple of games of Russian Roulette and we have been working on some testing of a few exciting features that we hope to see soon!

This issue of the Buzz will also likely be released alongside Aldo’s SpeakEasy Podcast and we had lots of fun with this idea.

All in all, I would say that we are settling into our new roles nicely now, we are always happy to take some feedback, so if there is anything we can do more of, less of or different; let us know via the Help Desk.

Known Issues and Bugs

I have seen a lot of duplicate Help Desk tickets and questions in the forums relating to these we have already logged for bug exploration, there is a topic in the Game Forum, but that platform may not well be visual enough to easily work out the current issues, therefore I thought I would maintain a weekly published list of issues for you here. I have grouped them by feature;

Resolved bugs are in Green.
New bugs are in Red.


  • Home page statistics are not displaying correctly
  • Casino Management profit is out of sync
  • Splitting cards is inconsistent, and also doesn’t pay out blackjack
  • A styling error is currently sometimes selecting the 2 of hearts as a replacement for all cards, this does not change the functionality as the game continues to play correctly
  • A 5 minute timer has been implemented to stop bets being left at the casino

Kill to Whack Upgrade

  • Suicide option now missing
  • Kill statistics on Home page not correct
  • Obituaries in the Buzz incorrect
  • Rank section of statistics displaying incorrectly
  • Number of bullets fired statistic not showing correctly
  • If you die multiple times with the same username, your previous kills are not displaying correctly in the graveyard

Mobile Issues

  • Purchase page within the Gold menu – cannot navigate away


  • Hardkicking members does not always demote the player of their rank
  • Crew shooting range and doctor have been removed as no longer in use

Photo Album

  • Users are unable to upload new photos


  • Achievements are not always being awarded correctly, commonly; Witnessing a kill and holding a casino for seven days.


  • Assignment rewards continue to give gym stats
  • Rewards for completing milestone achievements are not being awarded


  • Inability to clear mailbox
  • Confirmation check when clearing your mailbox
  • Blocking a player still allows the blocker to send messages to the person they blocked


  • When you have found a mission character using the PI, the mission page is not updated

Auto Burglary

  • Downgrading a garage drops all of the cars in your garage
  • Garage sizes have increased, yet the old sizes remain in name, 15=5
  • Cars must now be shipped before they are sold
  • color=green]Cars can no longer be stolen while being shipped


  • The timer for the Hospital page appears to be inconsistent