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SATIRE: Local Organized Crime leader sends follow up BM just incase. Riot

Local Organized Crime leader GunGuy27 had been waiting 45 minutes for a driver for his organized crime. The EE and WE were beginning to grumble that the OC needed to get filled, despite not actually helping out to find a driver.
Things were looking bleak for GunGuy27 when he finally received the BM he had longed to see. Those words were like magic to his ears:
“Invi plz”
“I dropped everything I was doing and gave that man an invite.” stated GunGuy27.
“ As soon as I sent the invite I looked to see if he had gotten ready yet. Turns out he didn’t even accept the offer yet. I am a pretty patient person so I waited for what felt like 10 or 11 seconds before I finally realized something was wrong. Perhaps he didn’t get the invite. Maybe his barrels never lit up. What if he had no idea I invited him and he was about to join somebody else's OC? My world was crumbling around me. I had to do something and fast. “
That’s when GunGuy27 did the most logical thing he could think of.
“I sent him a messaging saying ‘Sent’” recalled GunGuy27. “He must not have seen the first message so I figured the second message would help. And he did, he joined a few seconds later. Crisis averted.”
We caught up with user PotHolez who joined the OC to get his side of the story.
“I had to travel, buy a car and fix it up.”
Seems like it was a tense moment for everybody involved and we are just glad it got resolved.