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COLUMN: Crew application forms in 2019... JJJameson

Do you remember those times that you needed a vouch to join a crew? You know, someone who is currently a member of the crew that you like to join and wants to vouch for you? Perhaps you remember other times, such as adding each other on MSN-messenger or having a good lie to pretend that you are actually someone else. Well it is official that those times are over now. Last week the Buzz received a tip from an observant player that the crew applications are quite different compared to a few years ago. Time for some research!

We started our research with one of the two current families on the statistics; The Vanguard. In the crew application there is a reference to the recruiting topic on the Classifieds. Woah, we found a topic with a huge picture in it and some fancy fonts with the expectations from both sides (what does the Vanguard expect and what can the player expect from the crew). Turns out that you need to answer all the required questions in a personal video. A bloody VIDEO folks, now that is what I call next level. Unfortunately we at the Buzz could not find the questions we had to answer in the recruiting topic (not so handy), so unfortunately The Vanguard did not receive our application this week.

We kept reading this interesting recruiting topic of The Vanguard and we found out that WhatsApp is a very important communication tool within this crew. Every Tuesday a selfie is expected in the WhatsApp group and each Thursday you have to make yourself heard in a voice message. Kinky to hear and according to the recruiting topic this may result in friends for life. Sounds like a Dutch university student group if you ask me! Things are not as easy as it seems though, because in order to be accepted in this crew your Facebook account is being checked by a council member for additional verification. Furthermore If you are successful upon the application, you have to survive a 4 week trial (outside of the crew) and after these four weeks you will eventually be accepted in the crew and you will become a member for life! The only thing we miss here is a crew tattoo…

So there we had a very strict and unique recruiting process, but we continued our research. It was time to check out the actual content of the crew applications. Our expectations were as high as the current maximum bet on War, so first we at the Buzz purchased 145 bottles of Tequila before we dared to read the crew applications. Guess what? It was as bad as we expected! It was the crew Dei Medici which had the first interesting question in their application form; What does ‘pipidipapi papidipoepi’ mean for you personally? I must say, +1 for all Peter Griffin references in crew applications. But what is the relevance of this question in the end? Well, relevance is fortunately not everything in life, but we find it remarkable though!

Other interesting questions in crew application forms were from Axteze and Mutiny. In case you are interested in joining Axteze, be ready to give your opinion about hookers and blackjack. Not going for Axteze, but for Mutiny? Be ready to sacrifice everything for them and put your walking shoes on. The crew with the best and shortest crew application is with no doubt The Invisibles. With only one question ‘Whos sexy’ they have the most efficient recruiting process of all current crews on the statistics. After all, who needs a video to be sexy?