Sunday, December 17th, 2006
Issue: 1   Editor: Nobody

Advertisement / Contests Nobody

If you wish to advertise your work in accordance to either a picture designer or something of the sort, then you can now do that in the Bootleggers Buzz. It's not free but comes with a valid reason. If you wish to send in an advertisement you will see the option at the bottom of the Buzz screen. Click on the advertisement tickbox and you can advertise your work - it costs $250,000.

The money you use to advertise will go into our very own Buzz Bank which will be used
ONLY for our Buzz Contests where readers can take part and attempt to win what we have gained through advertisements. These contests will vary in difficulty in accordance to how much money we're giving away.

If you try to send in an advertisement through the freelance option to save money, I will simply delete it. The money you use to advertise is going to a good cause and advertisements always comes at a price.

I hope you like this new addition to the Buzz and I wish you all the very best of luck in future issues.

~Buzz Team~