Sunday, December 17th, 2006
Issue: 1   Editor: Nobody

Editors note Nobody

Hello and welcome to this very new era of the Bootleggers Buzz. As you can no doubtedly see, the Buzz has had drastic changes in terms of layout and structure. You will notice that each article shows a teaser to the actual article itself - I will be creating this to inform you of what the article is based on and if you wish to continue reading on, you can simple click the option to read onwards ~ this will show in a new page. There is also a new function brought into the Buzz where you can advertise at a cost - please read the article entitled Advertisement/Contests for more information regarding this feature. I hope you enjoy the first issue and feel free to give the writers feedback on their articles for future reference. I would also like to take this moment to give a huge thanks to BSF2000 for what he has done to the Buzz - he has brought it back to where it should be and did a great job with it.
In regards to this first issue, we have decided to bring the Buzz up-to-date. There will obviously be things missed out but if you are extremely familiar with a certain event from this round, feel free to submit a freelance article at no cost. Read the Freelance Information article for more knowledge on this matter.
As you are aware, I have a Co-Editor. This is Nyxxie and she has been doing a great job. Shown great editor skills and is a high asset to the Buzz Team.
As far as the weekly release date goes, it will be every Sunday. As for the time, this will vary on what I am doing in real-life and the online popularity. Thank you and enjoy the read.

Advertisement / Contests Nobody

Want your work to be advertised in the Bootleggers Buzz? Want to let the Bootleggers community to know who you are? Then this is your chance but it comes at a price.

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OC Scamming Klea

There are many kinds of scams but due to the ever increasing need for money, at such an early stage in the round, the best form for money profit is an Organised Crime. Yet, due to this known knowledge, there are many people who try to scam through this feature.

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Let the Gambling Begin! Nyxxie

After a long wait on maintenance, the Poker page was finally sorted. With many bugs in the feature it was time to fix the problems and start fresh - not just normally though. There are a few new features to be found within.

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Bootleggers Help JuanFran

As some of you are hopefully aware the website is available for all of your Bootlegging needs. It currently has a vast number of features and tools available however I am always looking for new items which could make the site better. Therefore if you have any ideas please get in contact with me.

Freelance Information Nobody

Want to send in a random freelance article? Found out something really cool that you would LOVE the Bootleggers public to know about? Then this is your opportunity.

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New Features Klea

With a new round it comes with new features. We never really appreciate how much has currently been done but now we can cover what has actually been added to Bootleggers this round, thus far. A good insight to all the new add-ons.

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Help put the 'O' back in 'OC' Nyxxie

When your 12 hour timer has finished and you wish to start an OC, stop and think. Is it really necessary to start one up? With the amount of open OC's in the Classifieds forum, maybe it's better to simply find instead of start.

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Not every three letter acronym ends in L TrojanCube

The forums are a key part to Bootleggers but are the intentions of them what they should be? With the over-use of the Game Forum and the lack of the Off Topic Forum, has the moral to these forums vanished? It's time to reflect on the real purpose of them

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Gambling: The Backbone Of Bootleggers? FlameS

With the in-game money staying at a low the gambling rates are still soaring in, but is gambling the real backbone to Bootleggers' success?

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Buzz Team Nobody

With a new reset and a new Buzz, there comes a new Buzz Team. Want to know who is on our first set of writers? Then take a look and see a short bit of information on them. Feel free to use this as referance in case a 'writer' comes forward to ask you something.

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