Sunday, December 17th, 2006
Issue: 1   Editor: Nobody

Gambling: The Backbone Of Bootleggers? FlameS

One of Bootlegger's most enjoyable past-times, some players gamble for the profits, some players do it for the sheer thrill. No matter which one of those categories you fall under, logging into Bootleggers would not be the same without a good session on Blackjack, Racetrack, Roulette, or whatever your casino happens to be.

Pre-reset, billion dollar wins happened by the minute, however post-reset, with the cash per player staying at a consistent low, any multi million win is announced in the game forum but still regarded as a nice break in the otherwise seemingly mundane world of post-reset Bootleggers.

So what exactly am I getting at? Am I suggesting that with less game money and less big wins, gambling is not as fun as last round?

According to some Bootlegger's gambling addicts, gambling has changed from pre-reset to post-reset, making gambling a lot less thrilling and exciting this round. " makes it more thrilling to make a $10,000,000,000 bet and seeing if you're going to win or not," said FlashAOD, claiming that a win is a win no matter what the max bet is at.

This seems to decide once and for all that gambling in Bootleggers is all about one of two things, either a ridiculously high max bet, or a bustable casino.

'What makes Bootleggers so different from the other games?' is still yet to be answered fully and I hope over the next few issues to investigate some more aspects of bootleggers that seem to have us all gripped but certainly, after reading the responses, gambling is something that makes Bootleggers addictive and hundreds of players coming back for more.

Mabe this might get some more gamblers or maybe it will put people off the idea. Only time can tell.