Sunday, December 17th, 2006
Issue: 1   Editor: Nobody

Help put the 'O' back in 'OC' Nyxxie

Every day, every hour, every minute of every single day, the classifieds forum is filled with unfinished, ongoing and open organized crimes. Leading in one may allow you to insure the security of being in control over ranks involved and percentages finalized as well as enable you the comfort in knowing you will not be scammed. However, day in and day out, leaders of organized crimes may take hours to find members to even join. It seems to be the one of the biggest problems Bootleggers players have to face when opening their own OC.

Even though the percentages you are offering are great and to make your OC more appealing to higher ranks, you are even offering points and cash incentives. The place your OC will be conducted is in a highly populated state as well and yet, you can’t find a single player to join; nothing gets those big fish to bite.

To avoid long, drawn out events of finding players to join your organized crime, it would probably be best for you to feast your eyes on the smorgasbord of already opened ones. Most likely, you will find organized crimes for every rank there is.

When the classifieds are filled with two uncompleted organized crimes with two Godfathers seeking two other Godfathers, it makes you wonder why they didn’t search the classifieds prior to opening an organized crime of their own. If they just used that noggin of theirs, the OC would have been completed, the rewards would have been sorted and the 12-hour countdown would commence once again.

It takes two to tango and four to complete a one-car organized crime. So let’s tango in the world of Bootleggers and dance our way to the next rank together instead of waiting idly for someone with brains to use the classifieds for its intended purpose: to find an opened organized crime.

Good luck.