Sunday, December 17th, 2006
Issue: 1   Editor: Nobody

Let the Gambling Begin! Nyxxie

By 9:30PM Bootlegger's time, on December 11th, 2006, both Sabin and BSF2000 released the new and improved Poker page after a long and drawn out downtime for maintenance.

There was much controversy over the time it took to bring back the Poker feature and day after day the Game Forum would be filled with people asking when poker would return. Well, ask no more and good luck on your future earnings.

With the maintenance, poker gained some new features that will further improve the game play for the players. The first nifty feature is a Java Script popup that appears when the game you are part of, begins. This insures that you don’t completely forget about your game and have an equal chance to win like anyone else! Whether you continue to click away in game or even decide to stay stagnant on one page, the popup will inform you at the start of the round.

Another feature was implemented to keep the poker page orderly. Last reset, the page was filled with unfinished poker games where people would involve themselves in one-dollar antes/one-dollar max-bet games to avoid being scammed or hacked. According to BSF2000, “All games will be deleted after 24 hours… It doesn't matter if the game was dealt or not.” This insures that the poker page is kept clean as well as help people if they seem to be stuck in a game they cannot get out of.

To close, another feature put into the new and updated poker game is the ability for a dealer to leave their own table, whether or not there are players present. This will make the first position empty and whoever decides to join, will then automatically become the dealer. However, if the game is empty and the dealer decides to leave, the table is then closed and deleted automatically.