Sunday, December 17th, 2006
Issue: 1   Editor: Nobody

OC Scamming Klea

Scammers sometimes are extremely clever and sly in their ways to scam other players. They create hacks, send harmful links and will go through any extent to hack you. However, every group surely do have their own unspoken hierarchy of people. There are the most elite of scammers, and then... there are OC scammers.

With the rewards given from successful organized crimes, being the most successful way to obtain money in the game currently, the OC scam has to be one of the most crucial when it comes to the advancement of cash that a member has. It could for or against you and if you aren't OC-smart, you will get scammed.

When accepting to join an organized crime, please be sure the leader is someone who you know is trusted. The best way you can insure this, is by OC'ing with people you know well in Bootleggers. This can insure a clean organized crime.
If you were promised a specific percentage, do not purchase equipment until all percentages are finalized. If the leader refuses to do so upon your request then their intentions are usually that of a scammer and you should avoid completing the organized crime with them.

Unfortunately, being the victim of a scam is usually down to the users own fault and the best thing to do is simply kill the scammer like in the 'mafia' times. As quoted from Harlem about the scamming issue, he stated; "ive no idea, really you cant ban anybody for OC scaming. The guy joining should make sure he wont be scammed"

Keep yourself safe, keep your money secure and keep your mind at ease. Don't be the next victim of a pathetic OC scammer.