Sunday, March 15th, 2009
Issue: 117   Editor: Nyxxie

Claartje - California State Don iSmurf

Earlier in the week, Bootleggers saw Claartje rise to receive her silver plaque after 316 OCs, which she described it as, “the best BL-feeling there is!” We were able to catch up with Claartje in her ecstatic mood and calm her down for an interview.

Claartje gave us an in-depth description of the moment she received the message in her inbox, telling her of the position offered to her, the state of California, “It was 11PM BL time, and I was just chilling, getting ready for 1 more oc before 12AM rolled around... Then all of a sudden I got the message, an hour early! I think it was because of daylight savings.” Claartje then added in excitement, “I was so excited, I couldn't believe it!”

We then went onto more pressing questions, regarding Claartje’s feelings on the State Dons having a short life. “Well, I think anyone who ranks to State Don knows they will die before too long. It doesn't really worry me, if I get killed I will start over!” However Claartje went on to say, “I did think about staying L.don a few times. But you'd still be killed eventually... might as well try for the rank that not a lot of people make! So when I got the message I didn't have any doubt!”

The Buzz was interested in Claartje's opinion of the new crimes available and her opinion on the crimes being revamped. “I like the new crimes! I think a crime revamp was way overdue, and I am glad it finally happened. I've already had a few looters, but it doesn't really bother me,” Claartje responded.

Claartje informed the Buzz that she doesn’t have any plans or aims at the moment, she is “just enjoying being on the stats page!” We hope that she will be able to enjoy it for a longer period of time than some of the other State Dons, as we’re all aware that, some barely had the opportunity to try out their position!

Claartje's last words to us were words very touching and close to her heart as she told us, “I would like to thank all my friends who helped me to get to this rank! I couldn't have done it without all of you guys and girls! I would also like to thank BSF2000 for making this game! I am married to someone I met on BL, so without this game I would have never had my wonderful family!” The Buzz would like to wish Claartje the best of luck with her position as California’s State Don.