Sunday, March 15th, 2009
Issue: 117   Editor: Nyxxie

Editors note Nyxxie

WELCOME to issue number 117 of the Bootleggers Buzz!

A week full of new crews and a new state don means an exciting week for us here at the Bootleggers Buzz! This week, we witnessed Louisiana State Don, BooM14, commit mass homicide against several players with a common factor; their wealth status. With Notorious Rich players being the victims of this attack, many money holders were scrambling to find other players to hold portions of their cash. We also saw the hot-potato crew affect on a crew spot that once held Made Me, now known as The Vanguard. While the State Don was up to no good, neither was the Nation Don, who had other plans with The Legends, attacking that crew as well. But death and destruction was not only in the cards for this week. We did see a new State Don and a handful of new crews.

A rather controversial Game Forum topic ties a nice neat bow in this week's Buzz when Bootcast Head DJ, MagzFuckentastic, brought up recent bans made on a "Money Laundering Scheme." With Family Account rules in place, using a middleman to conduct transactions is a big no-no in a form of circumventing rules. The topic caused quite a stir and we decided to question the players and one of the Administrators on this seemingly "innocent" deed.

As always, we have our weekly segments 'Behind the Name', 'A Year Back' and 'Telling It Like It Is' lined up and ready for you to read. The 'Weekly Flash' is MIA this week, but no fear, you will be seeing this very popular article back next issue.

Of course, we still welcome new writers with open arms. If you love to write and like to get to the bottom of things that happen on Bootleggers than you might be interested in becoming a Buzz writer. Read the reprinted version of 'So You Think You Can Write?' in Issue 97 and get your keyboard going. Submit your sample article via the 'Application' option in the drop menu and give us a week to get back to you. We love new colleagues, so we will make sure not to forget you!

Happy Gaming and Enjoy the Read!

State Don Targets Rich People IAmAldarion

BooM14, the Louisiana State Don committed mass homicide against several Notoriously Rich players!

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Infinity Is Back! vTarquiNv

The past few weeks we've seen several changes amongst the crews. We have seen crews merge, fall and return. This week it all continued...

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Claartje - California State Don iSmurf

Earlier in the week, Bootleggers saw Claartje rise to receive her silver plaque after 316 OCs!

Read the entire article...

Perpetual Asylum Hits the Stats! Mikamon

When Klere decided to stop playing Bootleggers, he felt that his crew (Save The Whales) was to be sold...

Read the entire article...

Money Laundering - Have you heard? BrickTamland

We all log into Bootleggers knowing that we are safe from certain things for the majority of the time.

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Behind the Name Nyxxie

Three new victims for a whole new week!

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New crew: The Corleones IAmAldarion

This week, The Corleones bought the spot that was owned by The Notorious Gangsters.

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Made Men Insided! vTarquiNv

After buying their crew spot only thirteen days ago, Made Men got insided this week, by The Vanguard.

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Nation Don Attacks The Legends! iLuMP

Earlier this week, we saw The Legends come under attack. The shooter was none other than the current Nation Don, PinkFloyd. Since the shootings of around 20 members, things have escalated.

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The Gentlemen are Here! OvermindEV2

Bootleggers welcomes Gentlemen of Fortune, the newest addition to the statistics page.

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Telling It Like It Is... BrickTamland

LW talks about various issues and events with his own personal touch...

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A Year Back Nyxxie

The state of the game, this time, almost exactly one year ago!

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The Buzz Team Nyxxie

The Buzz Team currently.

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Freelance Articles Nyxxie

Made Men wiped-out! ABVQv2

The crew we recently said hello to was gone faster than a flash on lightening! After only a few days on the Game Stats, the crew was wiped-out by an anonymous someone.

Read the entire article...

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