Sunday, March 15th, 2009
Issue: 117   Editor: Nyxxie

Infinity Is Back! vTarquiNv

The past few weeks we've seen several changes amongst the crews. We have seen crews merge, fall and return. This week it continued, as Bootleggers witnessed Infinity returning to the statistics after only seven days of being away. The Buzz caught up with current boss of Infinity, Bartels.

Our first question was why Infinity had returned to the stats after such a short time. He replied, “A lot of members told me they wanted to see us back on stats.” He also mentioned, “Furthermore, our allies were asking when we were about to return. They all seemed to like the crew.”

After Infinity sold its spot, it was not revealed to the general public of Bootleggers why they did that, Bartels revealed that the real reason as to why they left us was, “AaRoNftw2008 (leader of The Notorious Gangsters), who was in Infinity, started his own crew, and needed some help so I sent some visitors over to give him a helping hand.” He moved on to say, “In the mean time I received a really good offer for the crew spot, so I sold. My members were allowed to stay in The Notorious Gangsters.”

Bartels showed hope when we asked him if they were going to stay and told us that they hope to stay for much longer amount of time compared to last time they were on the statistics. When asked whether the position on the statistics is worth the large amount of money they spent he enthusiastically replied, “Definitely!”

With attacks on The Legends and the ongoing feud between Eternal Labyrinth and Strictly Business, we were not surprised when Bartels told us that they aim to be a peaceful crew and try and make as little problems with anyone.

The Buzz would like to wish Infinity and all old members of Cartel Enterprises the best of luck with their future on Bootleggers.

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