Sunday, March 15th, 2009
Issue: 117   Editor: Nyxxie

New crew: The Corleones IAmAldarion

This week, The Corleones bought the spot that was owned by The Notorious Gangsters. The Bootleggers Buzz had an interview with the boss of the crew, Osdfhisedx, who gave us some interesting information regarding the crew.

First of all, Osdfhisedx explained how they got the spot. He said, “I bought the crew from Aaronftw2008 and parkiee. I also think wheelgangsta had a finger in the ownership at that time. I got it pretty cheap, only 800 points.” When asked to describe his feelings, he said, “It feels great! I owned a crew last reset as well (Los Solidos) with DarkBro, so it's not my first time running a crew. But it feels good to own one again.”

This is the first time The Corleones appear at the statistics. Therefore we asked him if he could describe the crew and how he got the name, “I got inspired from Mafia series "Corleone". After watching it, I got inspired and wanted to bring my crew a little touch of the old Mafia style. That’s why we call ourselves The Corleones. What goals the crew has at this point ain’t that huge, we are just trying to get established, and make the crew strong and safe.”

Some crews prefer to be underground; others prefer to be upground at the statistics. We asked Osdfhisedx to explain why he decided to go upground. He said, “Well, first of all I think it's much cooler to have a crew on the stats, and way more fun actually. Some people who are UG like to take over crews and sell it fast, I’ve been there and I’m done with it. Little more exciting to be official on the stats page.” As we haven’t seen them on the statistics before, we were curious about the future plans of the crew. Osdfhisedx said, “Our goals for the future ain’t that big at this time. First of all we need to get "the good and loyal members", build up the council right etc. When that’s done, we will focus on what we can achieve and what we can do to become even greater.”

Nowadays it is hard to join a crew if you do not have any vouches, hence we asked him to explain the recruiting policy of the crew; is it possible for any player to join The Corleones? He said, “Yes it is possible to join the crew at the moment, we are recruiting players now after they have passed the application form. We are not that strict on who let in now, we want to give all players a chance to become a good and loyal member of a crew. But as soon as we see bad behaviour, it's out of the crew immediately.”

This crew then will try to settle itself on the statistics, for a longer amount of time. Apart from several things that still need to be decided, they aim to build a strong and safe crew. Even though new members need to fill in an application form, they are open for new players even if they do not have any vouches.
The interview with Osdfhisedx was ended with these words, “I just hope everyone welcomes us to the stats page, and that they are ready to see us for a long time in the future (hopefully).”