Sunday, March 15th, 2009
Issue: 117   Editor: Nyxxie

Perpetual Asylum Hits the Stats! Mikamon

When Klere decided to stop playing Bootleggers, he felt that his crew (Save The Whales) was to be sold. After being sold to some of the old members of Save The Whales (STW), the name was changed into Perpetual Asylum (PA) and Bootleggers witnessed the uprising of its newest crew.

The Buzz got in touch with ShadowsFall, the PA crewholder at the time. In order to find out more, we sent him a few questions that he happily answered. ShadowsFall said, “The spot was bought off of the owner of Save The Whales for 1,400 points. Cracka, FuckledDumpster, and Arsenalfanv14 are the bosses.” In addition, he told us a bit more about this new crew, “The name is new. It took a long time for the council and bosses to come up with the name.”

Although StW has been sold, ShadowsFall received that most of its members are still in the crew, “The members are still the same as Save The Whales,” he said. “Although some left because of the changes that took place. Once Klere quit and wanted to sell the crew, Cracka stepped in and made sure they didn't go anywhere.” Even though the old members are still there, PA is of course looking for new members as well.

To conclude the interview, ShadowsFall gave more information regarding PA's recruiting procedure, “Yes we are recruiting and the requirements are on the crew page. If they meet the requirements then they can message the recruiters for an application.”

Players who are looking to join a crew might be able to join PA if they meet the requirements. Even though STW is gone, the legacy of that crew lives on in the form of PA, which will do its very best to stay on the statistics for a long time.