Sunday, March 15th, 2009
Issue: 117   Editor: Nyxxie

The Gentlemen are Here! OvermindEV2

Bootleggers welcomes Gentlemen of Fortune, the newest addition to the statistics page. The Buzz caught up with KHv29, to get some information about the crew.

Our first question was for how many points the crews spot was bought, however, Khv29 didn’t reply to that question. After all, privacy is privacy. Next, we asked if GoF is here to stay. KHv29 was willing to comment on this one, “Yes! We are here to do whatever to reach the top. We are associated with a lot of high profiled crews and individuals, so you will see quite clear, we are not a new bunch of players. Gentleman of Fortune is a place to unite the most ambitious and honourable players around. Whether they have played since 2003, or started last night. We are all about building our recourses and strength, to reach common achievements.”

Later in the interview, we asked KHv29 about their application rules, he said, “invite only at this point, we only want those willing to go the extra mile. Might open recruitment in short. but will stay heavily stricted, with vouches and test periods. Some good old techniques will be used, as well as new ones we implement ourselves.

At the end of our interview, KHv29 said, “I'd like to personally thank MisterLawrence and Cease Fire for their help and companionship, at Gentleman of Fortune’s arrival to the statistics.

With those last words, the Buzz would thank KHv29 for his time to answer our questions. And wishes Gentleman of Fortune the best of luck with their new crew spot.