Sunday, October 11th, 2009
Issue: 147   Editor: Shaktoolik

An Empire Returns! FrickTional

Each week, a new crew seems to make it to the statistics, but its not as special as when an old crew returns. This week, we saw a return of an empire, The Sacred Empire! The Buzz contacted the crew boss, AbuRagheb, and conducted an interview with him.

To begin the interview, the Buzz asked AbuRagheb how he aquired the crew spot, and how it felt to have The Sacred Empire back. He said, "I bought it from The Silver Crest. Tyzaan and Klere let me buy it for around three-hundred points. I've always expected us to return, so I just grabbed the opportunity to get a spot. However, it doesn't feel like it used to be when we reached the statistics, but I guess being on the statistics adds a spark to the game!"

"I plan to reunite all my old friends and previous members," said AbuRagheb on The Sacred Empire's future plans. He later added, "Though, from past experience, you can never really plan the future, so I'll just take it day-by-day and see what happens. But I hope to get my crew forum active, so we can all have a place to enjoy ourselves. I just think that we should start by fixing the crew from the inside, before even thinking about working the outside."

The Buzz got in touch with two members, Antinous and Nosia, and asked them how it felt to be back. Antinous said, "The Sacred Empire is cool, it's a good crew, and I am really glad that we are back." Nosia jokingly commented, "They bullied me into joining. I just wanted to be crewless but oh no! They told me if I didn't join then they would use me as a sex slave and hire me out to other me. But yes, TSE is a great crew!"

The Sacred Empire is clearly happy to be back, and focuses on the current members of the crew, rather than trying to recruit more. AbuRagheb left us by saying, "I can only hope for mutual respect from other crews, as I have respect for them."