Sunday, October 11th, 2009
Issue: 147   Editor: Shaktoolik

Editors note Shaktoolik

Welcome to Bootleggers Buzz Issue 147!

After competing in a running competition today it is time for me to give my legs some rest and sit down in front of my computer so I can prepare the Buzz for you, the reader. What a relief it is, I must say, to sit down and make my eyes and keyboard do the work for me as I put the icing on this Buzz cake by writing the editors note.

So, let's have a look, what happened this week? Right! New crews: We had the return of a rather old crew, namely The Sacred Empire. After having been away for some time, Aburagheb apparently decided it was time for him and his members to get back onto the statistics. The Buzz also got in touch with the crewboss of Epidemic and covered the return. Furthermore we have the promised article about Omertà, like we promised.

Another russian roulette this week by our Senior Moderator Andy. One of the Buzz's newer writers got on top of what went through the contestants when they saw that scary man in green point his even scarier revolver at them and had to wait until he pulled the trigger. Of course the excitement was mainly felt by the audience when the large red *BOOM!* showed up, signaling that yet another hopeful Boss+ had bit the dust.

The Buzz also introduces a new segment this week, and reintroduces an old one. First things first, though, the new article: The Buzz will be inviting an Elite Guard member to join our team for one week in order to write a column about their past week. Senior Moderator VooDooDoll kindly agreed to kick off and did her best to come up with a good description of how her week looked like.

The return of the old segment is of course the promised return of Behind the Name. Part of the Buzz Team helped out by providing answers to the questions both old and new. Feel free to use the article comments section to comment and give feedback. Suggestions are of course welcome as well.

All the other weekly articles are there as well. 'Crew of the Week' has been released in its revamped form again and I would like to encourage everyone to tell us how they feel about the newer layout. Furthermore we have 'Bootleggers Game Statistics', 'The Weekly Flash' and 'A Year Back'. In addition we are still looking for funny and crazy questions for Behind the Name. If you have suggestions then please send them in as a 'Contest Entry' and you might see it in the article!

There is also still room to advertise, however, please bear in mind that your picture meets the specifications when you send one in. All entries that do not meet the required specifications will not be published in the Buzz, and please bear in mind that it might take a week before your entry is in, even if it had the appropriate size.

We are still on the lookout for new writers. If you like to write then consider giving the Buzz a try, it might be an interesting challenge and help you improve your writing even further! We would also like to remind everyone who might have died to re-submit their application article, as we are unable to contact dead accounts or to track down the new ones.

That would be all for me. We'll be there again next week, I hope you will as well.
As always, take care and stay safe!

An Empire Returns! FrickTional

Each week, a new crew seems to make it to the statistics, but its not as special as when an old crew returns. This week, we saw a return of an empire, The Sacred Empire! The Buzz contacted the crew boss, AbuRagheb, and conducted an interview with him.

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“We are surviving, no matter what” AldoRaine

Last week, we once again witnessed a new crew arriving at the statistics, Omertà. As promised in the Weekly Flash of last week’s issue, we feature an article about this crew. We had a chat with one of the bosses, Fuerte, who gave is some interested information about the crew.

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An Epidemic Rises FrickTional

This week, yet another crew returned to the statistics. Epidemic, which hasn't been around since 2006, aquired crew spot 277.

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Advertisement Space Available Shaktoolik

Bootleggers Game Statistics AldoRaine

The Bootleggers Game Statistics is a weekly article, which will basically contain data of the past week. State Dons, crews and various other statistics are being featured in this article.

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Crew of the Week SeanNeverDies

The Scene is this week's crew of the week!

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The Week of VooDooDoll VooDooDoll

Behold, a new article! Every week, an Elite Guard member will be asked to write about his or her week on Bootleggers! Senior Moderator VooDooDoll agreed to be the our guinea pig and submitted the first column for what we hope will become a weekly segment.

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Advertisement Turbolego2

Click or Bang? PinkQ

The game is easy, go home with 1,000 points or see the register page once again. Welcome to the world of Russkaya Ruletka. As there is lots of money going trough Bootleggers, some people might be looking for a different kind of excitement.

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Behind the Name Shaktoolik

Behind the Name returns, starting with part of the Buzz Team. New are some questions and the pictures the participants were asked to provide!

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The Weekly Flash AldoRaine

Welcome to the Weekly Flash. This article contains the highlights of the previous week and news that wasn’t covered in one of the other articles. If you have any suggestions for improvements, feel free to contact the Buzz.

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A Year Back Shaktoolik

Check out the state of the game, this time last year.

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The Buzz Team Shaktoolik

Buzz Editors:
Mika (Shaktoolik)

Head Buzz Writer:
Aldarion (AldoRaine)

Buzz Writers:
Frick (FrickTional)
tsj (TheTsjMustGoOn)
Sean (SeanNeverDies)
LuMP (iLuMP)
Genasai (IrBabyteckz)

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