Sunday, October 11th, 2009
Issue: 147   Editor: Shaktoolik

An Epidemic Rises FrickTional

This week, yet another crew returned to the statistics. Epidemic, which hasn't been around since 2006, aquired crew spot 277. The Buzz contacted a boss, WestSideGee, and asked him a few questions.

We started off the interview by asking WestSideGee how he got the spot. He said, "We bought the spot off of 23rd Gunslingers Co. after they wiped 23rd Cumslingers Co.. We payed a total of three-hundred and fifty points for it."

"Epidemic have actually been around since 2006, but we kind of faded away during 2007-2008," said WestSideGee on how long Epidemic had been around. He later added, "We faded away due me (WestSideGee) and the other founder (MoreThanSkill) being very inactive and not finding enough time to dedicate to Bootleggers and Epidemic."

The Buzz then asked WestSideGee if it had always been planned to return. He said, "Well, I think most underground crews want to aim for the stats, Epidemic was no exception. I feel that if you have a crew on the stats it gains more respect and other users will take you and your crew much more serious. Although we have had brief appearances on the stats before in late 2006, this time round we hope to stay on the stats for a lot longer than previous occasions. I'm just glad we got the spot, it feels good to have it, and it feels good to be back."

We continued, asking WestSideGee what he had planned for Epidemic's future. He said, "We are currently aiming to get hold of a few properties, which will not only improve our crew wealth, but it will also improve our crew image. People will see Epidemic all over the States page and feel this is a crew to be apart off. Hopefully we can make this happen!"

WestSideGee left us by saying, "I'd like to say thanks to anyone who helped me get to where I am today. And also a big thanks to the people who have helped with Epidemic. I would also like to thank all members of The Deadly Alliance, as a lot of people from there helped me in learning how to run a successful crew. If my crew is just a small margin of what The Deadly Alliance was, then I think I have been pretty successful."

Epidemic hopes to be what it was back in 2006, a respected crew. The Buzz wishes the crew all the luck with this, and with its future.