Sunday, October 11th, 2009
Issue: 147   Editor: Shaktoolik

Crew of the Week SeanNeverDies

This week, the Buzz chose The Scene to receive the Crew of the Week award because of the sheer respect they show towards other members of the community! We got in touch with a boss of The Scene for an interview!

When asked how the crew feels to have been chosen, it said, “Pretty good really. We have been on the stats for just a short while so we are happy with any publicity and recognition we can get.” We, at the Buzz, are grateful for how we can help any crew get its name known, so we’d like The Scene to give itself a nice pat on the back! “I guess we were chosen because of some shootings we did in the past,” was the response given when we asked The Scene why it thought it was made Crew of the Week.

Altrnt was happy to fill us in with plenty information regarding the crew’s history: “Me, BabaX and "D" (now a Syndicate member) decided to start a new underground crew with some close friends. At that time me and "D" were just kicked out of the merged version of Gentlemen of Fortune and The Vanguard. This kind of happened in a disrespectful way so we stacked and shot them in multiple waves. At the third wave they decided it was not wise to remain on the stats so they went underground and sold the spot to Infinity. Kartels, who was at that point State Don, was holding the crew. We told him we wanted that spot dropped but he did not listen. So we shot his State Don account and the rest of the members of the stats. After that we insided the worst crew on Bootleggers named "The Notorious Gangsters" because they are just absolutely retarded. Then we just kind of retired mainly because Baba was inactive and "D" and I had other things to focus on.” So as you can see, this crew has a rich history and comes to the statistics to make a point! Let’s hope we see plenty of action from them in the future.

When asked for a bit of trivia on the crew, all it had to say was “The Vanguard, we are waiting.” Ominous!

We chose The Scene as our crew of the week, because we felt that the crew was relatively new, but was already showing characteristics of the “old-skool” players with a big emphasis on respect to other players.