Sunday, October 11th, 2009
Issue: 147   Editor: Shaktoolik

“We are surviving, no matter what” AldoRaine

Last week, we once again witnessed a new crew arriving at the statistics, Omertà. As promised in the Weekly Flash of last week’s issue, we feature an article about this crew. We had a chat with one of the bosses, Fuerte, who gave is some interested information about the crew.

Fuerte kicked off explaining how he got the spot, “DerangedAngel and Coscienza, one of Omertà's bosses, go way back. They are old friends and therefore The Scummie Crew gave us the spot for free. We thank them for that! It was the second crewspot that has been offered to us for free, and Coscienza thought that this time it would be smart for us to show some of our faces on the statistics.” He then continued, “It feels good and relieving to show people the face of some of our members, to show the Bootleggers community we exist. It makes me happy that we've got some new recruits out of it, experienced people but also new players who we will train up!”

So, the bosses didn’t make a particularly bad deal, getting the spot free. Even though this is the first time Omertà is on the statistics, several members of the crew had been on the stats before. Fuerte explained this wasn’t really the first time for Omertà to appear on the statistics, “we've also appeared on the stats as other names, like The AnthraX. The purpose of that was to wipe crews and sell the spot for making profit.”

As Omertà wasn’t really known before, we asked him to describe the crew. He said, “The founders of Omertà were members of the old La Mano Nera crew, which got wiped by EH in the big EH wipings (respect for that). However, we saw things that could be better. And after La Mano Nera died we started orgenising Omertà underground. We appeared on the stats after a few killings we did, you could recognise us on our shooters who had the line "Omertà coming soon..." on their profiles.” He went on to say, “We also helped SecondNature when he was Nation Don, after that we got some attention by the Bootlegger Community, only trusted friends were in Omertà at that time. After the Nation Don wipings, we decided to show ourselves on the gameforum and get bigger.”

We asked him to tell us a bit about the future plans of the crew. He said, “We've set up a plan with strategic goals for the future. We would definitely want to become one of the major crews. At this moment we operate mainly underground, therefore not many crews take us serious.” He then confidently added, “We are surviving no matter what. Because are a member-based crew, with a core of loyal and experienced members, of which we are very proud! We can't determine our future, but it's certain that the Bootleggers Community will hear more from us. We have eyes and ears almost everywhere, and that's not bluffing!”

The last few weeks, months, we have seen a lot of new crews. Now that Omertà joined the statistics, the question is: what makes this crew different from any other crew around? Fuerte said, “What I've noticed is that a lot of crews are looking for power and money, and that's how they try to grow. Omertà takes a different road, as I said before we are a member-based crew. We see every member as an unique individual and that's how we treat them. We are a group of Bootlegger friends above being a deadly crew.”

Most of these new crews that arrived over the past months, barely survived a few weeks, even though all of these crews planned to stay for at least several months. How would Omertà try to avoid being wiped off the statistics? Fuerte told us, “Honestly, I believe that no matter what I think, I can't influence it. How long we stay on the statistics determines on other crews' actions. We will come to the aid of our allies, and we are able to strike very hard. Omertà will exist, on the stats or underground.”

At the end of the interview he said, “I'd like to thank our old members, who've been helping me a lot on structuring the crew with all these new stats and underground recruits! Next to thank are our new (under)bosses TheGhostOfSirMJ and DeeJayLikeMe, you've done great things! I'd also like to say that we're quite amazed by the impressive amount of experienced new members that we've got. Keep on rocking guy's!”

As almost every crew that manages to get a spot on the statistics, this crew intends to stay, and they seem confident to be able to do that. Thing is though, we have seen a lot of crews with this level of confidence, and yet they were wiped relatively quickly. It is up to the bosses of Omertà to prove this wrong.