Sunday, August 26th, 2007
Issue: 37   Editor: MadamNyxxie

2 Crews, 1 Shooting? JustDrew

For those of you who haven’t been following the soap opera known as Bootleggers, members of an underground crew known as DoctorZ brought a little entertainment into the game just two weeks ago. As part of the fun, all of the State Dons were hitlisted for $70 million a piece. In the end, numerous State Dons were killed and over $500 million had been spent and collected on hitlist bounties. With the members of DoctorZ unknown, how would revenge ever be taken? For one State Don, the answer was simple…

After learning that Linebacker, a member of Sempre Famiglia (SF) was part of this underground group, Luciferhell took it upon himself to get revenge for his hitlisting. “Suddenly Linebacker showed up as a man behind this and he was in SFLuciferhell said, adding that “TO is supposed to be the same as SF, so there ya go.” The plan was quite simple, to hit him where it counts by attacking the members of SF and their family crew, The Order.

The attacks would be quick and swift, with a total of 2 million bullets being used to leave 118 players dead. The kills were courtesy of Luciferhell and Saint. But were all of these kills really because of one member of SF being a member of DoctorZ? It appeared that the other reason for the shootings was merely an assumption. “I have noticed SF/TO members selling loads of ppints, in big batches in Classifieds,” Luciferhell posted in the game forum, also adding “What for? Supplying DoctorZ?” I spoke to a few of the fallen members of the attacks who wished to remain unnamed about this accusation.

I was advised that SF and TO have no affiliation with DoctorZ, meaning that 118 players lost their lives over assumptions and one man’s ties to DoctorZ. Luckily the two crews will stay on the stats page as some of the targets weren’t found and Luciferhell wished not to kill others. He left one last comment for the members of DoctorZ in the forums, saying “Please start to expect revenge after such a stupid hitlisting.” So we are left with 118 more dead players due to a crew we really don’t know much about. What will be the next move? Will DoctorZ remain lurking in the shadows, or will we really find out exactly who they are?