Sunday, August 26th, 2007
Issue: 37   Editor: MadamNyxxie

Editors note MadamNyxxie

Welcome to Bootleggers Buzz Issue # 37! As we sail through another exciting week on the game, we were laden with near-crew wipes, new and old school takeovers, and we say goodbye to one of the Help Desk Operators.

Winter Hill Gang was taken over twice this week in an attempt to bring new crews onto the statistics page. Sempre Famigila and The Order had a rough time this week as well as Michigan State Don, LuciferHell unleashed hell upon both, killing well over 118 players.

Aurevior (AKA Dagorlad) says goodbye to his yellow-painted name as he makes his own choice to step down as Help Desk Operator and we wish him the best of luck in life and on his Bootleggers ``career.``

As always, we have our weekly editions to the issue, such as the ``Behind the Name,`` which is a random choosing of three players to learn more about them in depth! This week we are sad to say we won`t be having our ``Bootleggers Sound Off,`` but with good reason! Nyxxie has decided to give the players one full more week of the new Auto Burglary feature before asking their opinions about it. So please look forward to next week!

Want to win $300,000? Please take part in this week`s easy Buzz contest! It`s simple and the prize is a nice sum of money, so we hope you take part!

The Buzz Award winners are in! With well over 40 votes, we are glad to say our winners are crowned! So get on your best designer gown and tuxedo, pick a date and walk down the Bootleggers` red carpet! We thank you all for submitting your votes. The votes were casted by Nyxxie and the help of friends of the Game staff and Buzz staff to ensure the votes were tallied correctly and fairly!

As always, we are looking for writers! If you are a talented writer (like all our others!), please feel free to send in a sample article to as soon as you can. Mind your grammar, punctuation, spelling and choice of article! Read issue # 36`s article titled Wanted: Talented Writers! on how you can get your way to the Buzz forum as an official writer!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy this week`s issue of the Buzz. All comments please post on the Game Forum official topic or please bootmail MadamNyxxie!

Thank you, Enjoy the Read and Happy Gaming!

The Player's Feature Air

Thousands of players, thousands of choices... your idea of the next great feature.

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Screen Test! Sabin

Testing! Your account is in danger! Tell us your password! Does this scam really work? Read up on how to protect your account and details on this scam.

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What is a Bootleggers` Friend? MadamNyxxie

Talk about Back stab! What is a "friend," now days? I can tell you that it means nothing to some.

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Aurevior to Aurevior JustDrew

We would like to wish Dagorlad well, as he steps down from his HDO position!

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Buzz Contest! MadamNyxxie

Want an easy chance to win $300,000? Take part in this week's Buzz contest!

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2 Crews, 1 Shooting? JustDrew

One fact and one assumption left 118 members dead in the latest attack on two crews!

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Winter Hill Gang, taken over but returned. Twice. Mika

It has happened before. Winter Hill Gang got taken over. But similar to other times, they were back in no time.

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Buzz Award Winners MadamNyxxie

Put on your designer gowns and tuxedos. Flash your rented antique high-priced jewelry and step down the red carpet. This is the 2nd edition Buzz Awards!

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Behind the Name MadamNyxxie

Three new victims for a whole new week!

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Buzz Team Air

Keep an eye on the current team here at the Buzz.

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Freelance Articles MadamNyxxie

These are the freelance articles for this week.

Revelation in a split TiTelation

With tempers rising within Revelation-- is that potential for eventual split?

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A Day at Revelation Michael1408Pink

One of their very own describe what is like to be a "Rev," in one of the most comical ways someone can! Kudos!

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