Sunday, August 26th, 2007
Issue: 37   Editor: MadamNyxxie

A Day at Revelation Michael1408Pink

Revelation, one of the oldest crews around, known mostly for their many deaths and come backs, for their kills and properties! But what is Revelation for the members of Revelation!

Your "Rev" life will start after you get your vouched into the crew, once you are in the crew then expect to be ignored for a month and some are expected to "butt-sex" you a bit, or a lot. You are allowed to "butt-sex" as well in return!

For a "Rev" member the day starts when you log in you account expecting to get a new medal or at least get closer to one, and if he/she is lucky then he/she will get it. If not then he/she will check for an OC, normally through IRC. Once he/she gets into IRC then he/she is expecting abuse, most probably sexual abuse, name calling, slapping, or any other creative method abusers will think of.

To get the most of the "Rev" IRC is a must. It's where a lot of the fun actually takes place! In there, everyone knows everyone else, not just Bootlegger-wise but also knows real life issues, such as when is your first day at the university, who is having a baby, who is dating who, and members will give other members the most support anyone can give over the internet. Current events are also discussed on IRC, everything that’s going on is discussed. But doesn’t end there, you can discuss whatever you want. IRC is not exclusive to "Rev" members, other BL players can join too (except for a few banned ones).

Obviously we are not the most loved crew around, probably the most hated, some think we are too arrogant, some think we are too greedy; some just don’t like us just for the sake of not liking us. Cause of the many "Revists" (as we call our haters) around we are lucky enough to get attacked quite often. We don’t mind it, we love it, I mean that’s what Bootleggers is about, it's probably the most fun feature on BL. IRC is where most members report to after such an attack on Revelation. Yeah most of them already gets on IRC all the time, but when attacked the reason to get on is different, you see IRC is where new names are verified, where members gets up-to-date with recent information, where the attack is discussed and where the survivals is made even more fun of and laughed at them being upset for not getting closer to the next medal! A friend of ours once commented saying “You guys must have it down to some dull routine now. When wiped report to IRC. Sit in your assigned places. And wait for the correct medal.”

Another main factor in Rev is gambling! Almost everyone gambles, and gambles a lot, poker, keno, roulette whatever has a high max, many times they win, actually we got 3 members that won way too many kenos that we decided that they are stealing them, it is not uncommon to see someone posting his win on IRC, or his/her losses which normally stops when he/she got nothing left.

Another member in Rev is J! Well you see J is voted the most useful member in Rev. Whatever happens, just blame him. If an earthquake happens it’s his fault, whatever happens its always his fault! Stephen is probably one of the most abusive members we got, I mean seriously expect abuse, mostly Racist abuse! But we all know he is joking so we don’t mind, and to be honest it’s kinda funny sometimes!

Angie is the only polite member we got so far, but we will teach her otherwise soon enough, I mean we can’t have someone polite, now can we. Katla, ooh where do I start, that guy is just out of his damn mind, even to Rev standards! Another member is Rey, every time I talk to him I start "LOL'ing" so hard, the damn neighbors come to check on me! Ivar, that guy reached don once through out his courier on BL, which is quite long, which he keeps teasing us with.

Carl on the other hand, well he does his job perfectly, which is to get us killed! Until he decided to make babies and we ended up alive for almost 2 months. Dave is also making babies and ignoring Bootleggers! I mean come on guys, sort out your damn priorities! Lee on the other hand gets us killed even though he isn’t Rev, he is just nice like that and we adore him for it!

Jon, well he convinced this poor girl yesterday that she broke his heart for not marrying him because he is too low ranked! I mean come on rank and size do not matter... Yeah, right! We also got TiT, all I can say about him is… well he is a damn TiT!

Eighteen is also a member, we have no idea why and how he got in, we are trying to get rid of him but the damn guy is too fat to fit threw the door so we are stuck with him. Jaimy likes little girls, 11-15, hence girls under 15 aren’t allowed in "Rev."

We got few girls in Rev, and a shemale. Zed is a suspected shemale! Yeah that’s right! Kim is a girl, we are sure of that, but she refuses to go out with me! I think she is just too shy around me that she stutters while she is saying yes and end up saying “Fuck off, hands off bitch!”, we got another Kim in the crew, but this one is a guy, or at least he says he is. Mae is another girl, but she is probably the scariest girl around. God you’d better hope she likes you, if she doesn’t, then make sure you are not in the same room with her cause you will be eaten alive! Myst, well Myst likes it!

Doesn’t end here, Mummi, that guy is like a walking gold mine, you can go in and start digging for money! And he will probably enjoy it! Harry on the other hand is a points mine; this guy is just weird, too weird I say. Nick, I think he is the one smuggling our nude pictures out of the crew showers… that damn pervert. Brandon is our Hawaiian ambassador! Everyone can be racist toward him and no one but him will mind, not many of his kind on BL. Baz, our Australian member! we barely see the guy, its always night when the normal world has it as day!

Rev is very fun, No matter how much I try to explain I won’t do it justice. I mean there are tons of more fun activities and members, Mycaelis, Jero, Joris, Denise, Busta etc... Our friends are also a great asset to us, it's better not to mention names though! This article was suggested by crew members a few nights ago! I declared on BL that I am off to write this article, so one of the members, k0kk0 commented at a title “How to get wiped for Dummies”. Yeah we are a good crew, but what make us good is not our bullet factories, our casinos, or even our wealth, yeah they do help but the biggest asset we got are our members and the fun they get. Revelation is basically a bunch of abusive weirdos and we are damn proud! At the end of the day we log out from a fun day at Revelation.