Sunday, August 26th, 2007
Issue: 37   Editor: MadamNyxxie

Aurevior to Aurevior JustDrew

Friendly, helpful, professional, caring… These are just 4 of the qualities that a Help Desk Operator should possess. These are a few of the basics, with much more to be expected from a member of the Bootleggers Staff. The job is never easy, but every team member brings different experience and a different style to the game. This week we say goodbye to one of our own, one who brought all of these traits and more to Bootleggers.

On Thursday afternoon Aurevoir A.K.A. Dagorlad, stepped down from his position on the Bootleggers Help Desk. He left the team exactly 4 months after he joined it, back on April 23rd of this year. During this period, the man who would be known as Mithaeron, Dagorlad, Strider, and Aurevoir would close 760 tickets, helping wherever he could. He has left a positive impact on not only the players of Bootleggers, but also the Staff.

But at the end of the day, this is a game, and a hobby. With real life obligations such as school, family, and friends, Dagorlad chose to step down rather then take up a space on the Help Desk when he couldn’t be as active as he wanted. “When Sabin asked me to become a Help Desk Operator – I was truly honored,” he explained, adding “I have stayed in that state throughout my time as a HDO. It’s been AWESOME.” I think I can speak for a lot of others when I say that it was awesome having you on the team.

On a personal note I want to think Dagorlad for all of the hard work you have given to the game and for your help when I was appointed to this team. We wish you the best in your time on Bootleggers as you will be missed!