Sunday, August 26th, 2007
Issue: 37   Editor: MadamNyxxie

Buzz Award Winners MadamNyxxie

Congratulations to all the winners for the 2nd edition of the Bootleggers Buzz Awards! We had well over 40 wonderful votes and I am happy to say, that is double last time we did this!

Thanks for all your input and I can't wait to do this again sometime in the future!

Best All-Around Player: TheFlyingMonkey
Most Famous Player: Spine
Best Administrator: Sabin
Best Moderator: 5litre
Best Help Desk Operator: BellaMorte & MadamNyxxie (tie)
Biggest Forum Whore: SeanLovesFunneh
Nicest Player: Nerrad
Most Generous Player: Grim/Annihilation
Most Helpful Player (HDOs/Mods Excluded): KommandantHerrRamon
Best Pic-Maker: Cut
Best Crew in all of BL History: The Deadly Alliance
Best Crew currently on the stats: The Deadly Alliance
Best Casino to Own (State and Casino): New York Slots
Best Feature in the Game: Killing/Bullets
Worst Feature To Be Added: Mission Rewards
Best Bootcast DJ: Mystress (Myst)
Favorite State Don: GL0CK
Most Exciting Recent Event: TheFlyingMonkey's Nation Don Killing Spree