Sunday, August 26th, 2007
Issue: 37   Editor: MadamNyxxie

Revelation in a split TiTelation

On the 21st of August, Revelation (Rev) seemed normal but one person was out to split us up. Michael1408Pink (Mikey) was on rev IRC cussing TiT and Shooter two other council members of Revelation. Mikey apparently caught Shooter stealing from the Rev money fund and said that shooter was using the money for his own personal wars. TiT stood by shooter and claimed that he would do no such thing other watching the conversation soon took sides with Mikey and shooter and a spilt was formed.

Later that day Carlito read back and put every one straight. But Carlito's reasoning was ignored by Mikey, who continued to blame shooter for the money missing.

For now, Carlito is keeping things civil on the IRC, but rumor has it