Sunday, August 26th, 2007
Issue: 37   Editor: MadamNyxxie

Screen Test! Sabin

Okay, not really. But many of our players have been inundated with a surreal number of "screen test" messages, claiming to be a member of the Bootleggers Staff. They will tell you that they have found another account on your IP address, and will need your password to check money and points transfers.

In reality, Bootleggers Staff (Administrators and Moderators) can view your IP Address, money and points transfers, and a great deal of other information about your account and its activity without you even knowing! We don't need your permission, cooperation, or awareness to get this information.

Recently, a player account called "hdesk3" had asked me for this information. Normally, the spammer/scammer will have a bit of code in their spam script that will exclude people of authority, so that it might take us longer to find them. However, this one did not. I tried to have a little fun, but he (or she) figured out what was going on quickly enough that I didn't get to have my fun.

Here's what to do if you receive ANY message from ANYONE claiming to be a member of Bootleggers Staff:

1. Click the "Help Desk" link on the Main menu.
2. See if the sender is listed as a member of the Elite Guard or Help Desk team.
3. If not, create a "Report TOS Violation" help ticket, and be sure to include the whole message and the username of the spammer.
4. The next available Moderator will handle the issue.

REMINDER: Bootleggers Staff will NEVER ask for your password! We do not need it. We can see everything without it. Most of us can even change your password if we want to. Do not give your password to ANYONE! Not the Staff, not your friend, not your mother, not your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse, not your child, not your pet... no one. Ever. Period (or "Fullstop" for my English friends).

If you have any questions, please make a "TOS/Rules Question" help ticket.

Now that part's over, I have a question... Why do you people do this? This... fake screen testing? Does it actually work? What do you hope to gain? I would very much like a chance to have a candid conversation with a screen tester faker person, because I really would like to know. Thank you.