Sunday, August 26th, 2007
Issue: 37   Editor: MadamNyxxie

What is a Bootleggers` Friend? MadamNyxxie

Saturday night, Winter Hill Gang was once again taken over. You'd expect this from an insider-- a person who never really cared about the crew they were part and had one simple goal: to take it over in due time. However, this takeover was like no other-- it was done by the hands of the boss' own close friend.

Franchise (Franchism) granted the wish of SlipperyWhenWet (Daisy) when he handed her his own crew. Now of course, with the two being "close friends," the transfer wasn't thought out 100% with a clear mind. Franchise didn't question the transfer, he welcomed it with opened arms and that is when trouble strike.

Not nearly ten minutes later, all members were kicked from the crew and five to seven remained. Questioned arose in the forums, wonder what happened. With the takeover done so quickly and efficiently with no kills-- many wondered if the takeover wasn't a takeover at all and perhaps Winter Hill Gang was sold.

The Buzz wanted to know the reasoning behind this, but since SlipperyWhenWet is "boycotting" the Buzz, none of our writers could get her side. A shame considering SlipperyWhenWet concocted one of the most sliest, backstabbing moves you can do in Bootleggers.

When the Buzz asked Franchise if he was going to shoot, he replied, "I don't shoot friends." And continued to justify the actions of his backstabbing internet friend by stating on the forums that it was all "tough love." "If they want the crew back they'll kill for it and change it to how they want it," stated Franchise as he publicly gave up on his own crew.

Many Angels of Death and Winter Hill Gang members were ready to use points and put their account on the line for the crew, but it seemed Franchise was unappreciative. Which, to say the least, disgusted his crew mates as well as other long time friends. "If he's not staying, why should I," questioned the under boss of Winter Hill Gang.

So what is a "friend." To some, it seems as if a friend is someone you can use to take over their crew. Others see it as a lot more. Even though Bootleggers is only a game, you make and break friendships here. With as much time as some people spend on this game, you can't help but feel hurt when you get back stabbed.

Winter Hill Gang, in the end, got their spot back-- but how long with they hold it for now? Only time will tell. Hopefully, for the sake of the crew and their members, they think twice about who they let hold their crew.

They always say, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer," but mind your friends because in the world of Bootleggers, they could really be your enemy.