Sunday, August 26th, 2007
Issue: 37   Editor: MadamNyxxie

Winter Hill Gang, taken over but returned. Twice. Mika

The first new-school takeover this reset. The crew that was the target was no other then Winter Hill Gang. A crew that has been taken over before. But, just like all other times, they managed to amaze us what a very, very fast return. They managed to get their old spot back after it was taken over, this within 24 hours.

The takeover was committed by the crew The Black Out. A crew which has been on the stats page not to long ago. And the big thing was, the takeover was done on the new school way. Namely by having a high ranked insider in the crew and shooting both the crew-holder and successor. One of the people involved in the takeover, SeanJohn, kindly answered some questions. “We were already planning to come back, we already had points ready to buy a crew,” he told me, “we chose WHG because we had an insider in this crew, so it only took us 2 kills to pick this crew up,” he explained. And the takeover was indeed a success.

The crew became a combination of both TBO and TFT (The Finishing Touch). “I was Boss of TFT before the reset, thats the reason why I wanted to bring that back. and I am good friends with babbax, and he wanted TBO back. so we thought: let's do it together” SeanJohn said. However, later on the plan didn't work out anymore and WHG members, who were still alive, started to retaliate against the people that had taken their crew-spot.

Even before the retaliation started there was a statement from both TBO and TFT. The real bosses didn't agree with what had happened and did not support the takeover on WHG. One of the TBO bosses did join the crew before he knew what had happened. After this he promised that the crew would be returned to WHG as soon as possible. But this wasn't needed because WHG had already made plans for their own and they took the crew back themselves.

Right from the start WHG members and friends, either acting on command of the crew or on their own, infiltrated the crew in order to get it back. Peaking made a Game Forum topic regarding the matter and explained what had happened. “ Chris aka KidPoker searched all the members in The Black Out and I got quite some amount insiders in the crew, not to speak of some of us who handled alone and got in it too,” he said in the topic regarding the events. “Our backfire took sometime though as The Black Out kept adding new members, but finally we found them all, and shot them.
crew dropped to a friend of mine, who passed it to me this morning,” he added, pointing out how he had ended up holding WHG.

But shortly after that, the crew was taken over again. SlipperyWhenWet was holding the crew and decided to keep it for herself. But again, this failed since friends of WHG got the crew back and gave it to Peaking. So again, Winter Hill Gang escaped from being eliminated from the stats.

After being taken over twice, WHG managed to get back to the stats in no-time. Showing, again, to the BL community that they are a force to be reckoned with.