Sunday, December 23rd, 2007
Issue: 54   Editor: Nyxxiekins

New Updates-- An Overview Squidee

This week, we've seen a lot of new updates causing commotion and happiness, on the other hand; there are still people who want to moan and argue. This week we've seen jail, users online, organized crimes, guns and killing updates.

"Hasta La Vista, Baby!":
This week, there was a killing update. Sabin and BSF2000 added a new feature to our kill system. The new addition to our kill page is a 'Last Message' to our victim so just before you kill your victim, you can leave them a message; that message will appear on the page where they are killed just above where you create your new account.

UPDATE: Killing - Sabin (Add Reply)
When you kill someone, you can now leave a nice little message for them... the last thing they hear before their life is quashed. When you click the "Kill" button on the Kill page, you get a pop-up asking for you to type your last words to them. If you don't want to leave a message, you can leave the box blank or you can click Cancel; doing so will show the deceased user the same "You are dead!" page that they've always seen. This feature has been tested, but may still have bugs. Note that the message is still bound by TOS. If you have any trouble, please post here. Thanks.

That was posted by Sabin in the Game Forum but later that day, BSF2000 coded it differently so there is no more pop-up window. To leave a message, it is right under the selection of the car.

Bust me? Bust YOURSELF!:
You may be thinking a jail update? What is there more needed for jail?
We've got all we need but no, Sabin and BSF2000 also added another feature, the feature to bust yourself out of jail. If you fail to bust yourself you will be put into jail for 3 minutes and you will be un-breakable so it can be useful and other times, it can be quite annoying.

So, if I set myself free I would receive the same message you get in your inbox if as another user would bust you normally.

No more Mr.Greedy:
The Organized Crime page had a little face lift and in that face lift, Sabin and BSF2000 had removed the 'Leader takes all' feature there is no other option but to have Customized Percents. So, there are no longer 'Leader Takes All'.

Hmm.. Nice Pie!: (Crew Dominance Chart)
The Users Online update caught the eye of almost every user. BSF2000 in the late night have given the Online Crew Pie Chart a totally new make over making it fun for other users because you were able to play with it. If you click on a slice, it would take the slice out of the chart and if you hover over the slice it will tell you the percentage of the crew online.

You could also make the pie chart rotate if you right click the Pie Chart and set it to Enable Rotation and you could also make it 2D by the same way. In the crew table, he also added the players online in the crew.

What's the New Gun?
At last, we come to the gun update. It's only a change in gun so it's not very big. The gun called the 45MM was changed to the .45 Caliber

Staff Profile Make-Overs:
Thursday night, late night. BSF2000 made a radical change to the Moderators and Administrators profiles. BSF2000 had changed there profile outlines to either red or green depending on what position the staff are. To another astonishment Sabin and BSF2000 had changed all the ranks of the Bootleggers Staff excluding HDO's seeing as they are players.
The new staff ranks are as following;
Head Administrator, Administrator, Head Moderator, Senior Moderator and Moderators.

Censorship of a Racist Word:
The "N" word, is sadly an often used word here on Bootleggers. Players who use it in its full form are sentenced with a 24 hour mute and a ban, if reported. Now, however, due to some clever coding by BSF2000 and Sabin, the "N" word, if typed in a post, is changed to the word "FRIEND" in red lettering. Don't try this out for yourself-- just take our word for it!

That is all for this week, I am sure there will be a lot more updates in the coming future and I bet you do that they're very soon. I would also like to thank all the Administrators and Moderators have put in the time and effort they have put into the new updates.