Sunday, December 23rd, 2007
Issue: 54   Editor: Nyxxiekins

Editors note Nyxxiekins

Welcome to Issue number 54 of the Bootleggers Buzz, everyone! I hope you are all getting in the Holiday cheer quick because the Holidays are creeping up on us and they will be over sooner than you think. Bootleggers' Christmas presents were given out a tad earlier this year as Sabin and BSF2000 are busy changing small features on the game, all which are making a rather BIG commotion on the Game Forum.

New updates from an update of Elite Guard crew profiles, final words given to those you kill, Bootleggers' own version of 'Prison Break' and many more updates were all wrapped neatly under the tree for us, only to be unwrapped quickly by the players. Sadly, it seems no one is EVER satisfied on Bootleggers, though. With the new features came an equal, if not MORE, line of complaints. If it isn't one thing people are bothered about, it seems they are bothered with another. I've personally come to realize that it's not MANY people upset with the features, there are a select few and when they are NOT happy, they make it known. Their loud voices echo throughout the forums and mask the ones who are actually satisfied with the changes on the game. If you are unhappy, make a Help Desk Ticket, no one, especially this time of year, wants to hear your complaints, you Scroog! There are Help Desk ticket categories for that, as well as a devoted sticky topic Sabin seemed to be forced to make after the flood of Game Forum topics were created.

Aside from all the wonderful updates, comes another crew attack and a State Don's pre-Christmas rampage. Also, as always, we have our Behind the Name, changing it up a bit and allowing the people given the opportunity, a chance to show their faces. If you have any more ideas on how to change the Behind the Name to make this 2007 article a 2008-hit wonder, please send all ideas to Nyxxiekins via Bootmail. Following, we have our Sound-OFF! What were your opinions about the changes this week? One change sure caused a stir on the forums and we have people's opinions on that below!

Our Bootleggers Holiday Tree has been 2 weeks in the making and the unrevieling of it is this week! We hope you like the Tree, in all it's Bootleggers' Glory and I hope you find your ornament or ornaments dedicated to you. It was nice that we were able to come together to decorate our Bootleggers Tree.

We welcome two new writers this week, Squidee and PintoGod. Due to the time I accepted PintoGod into the Buzz (late Saturday), he was given the chance not to submit an article this week-- but we are excited to hear your opinions of Squidee's overview of the new features and can't wait until you are able to read an article by PintoGod.

I have went through ALL article applications. So if you haven't gotten word back via Bootmail or E-mail, please resubmit (BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CURRENT BOOTLEGGERS NAME!). If you wish to be a Buzz writer and think you have the experience and skills necessary (minding your spelling, grammar, punctuation and choice of article), please send your article sample to me through our email address, Please be patient as I look over them once very two weeks. Also, read the "Ticket to the Buzz Forum" article in issue 25 for a crash course on how to be the best writer you can possibly be!

Thanks for reading the Buzz, I want to wish you all Happy Holidays. I hope you enjoy the read!

New Updates-- An Overview Squidee

An overview of the MANY featured updates and additions we have seen this week!

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Complaints, Complaints, Complaints LadySylv

The line at the Complaints department is always long, especially when it comes to Bootleggers.

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Boredom Kill PintoGod

Suicidal State Don, MichaelRodriquez gives his bodyguard the go ahead to his eminent death.

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Robbing an Empty Vault? MikaVerLeth

You successfully committed the Organized Crime! Check your inbox for the results. An OC with a vault content less then $200,000? What's that?

Read the entire article...

Weath Status Revamped! MikaVerLeth

All players are working very hard on making money. Reason to change the wealth classes? The staff definitely thought so!

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Elite Guard Profile Update! CharlesLuciano

The Elite Guard Profiles were given a rather colorful update!

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Behind the Name Nyxxiekins

A new week and three new victims!

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Buzz New Year's Contest? Nyxxiekins

We are on the lookout for good contest ideas! Post your ideas on the Official Buzz topic in the Game Forum!

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Bootleggers Holiday Tree! Nyxxiekins

Our complete Holiday Bootleggers' Tree in all its glory! Make sure to look for your ornament!

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The Order under attack MikaVerLeth

A crew is attacked again. This time, it's The Order that is the target of a State Don's wrath.

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Al Bundy's `War Against Greed` CharlesLuciano

When the high ranks get greedy, the even higher ranks go killing-crazy!

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Speaking to the Dead! Sinapsis

"Hasta La Vista, Baby!" and "Say hello to my little friend" are some key phrases you can use when you want to say bye bye to the ones you kill!

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Ghosts Of Bootleggers Past Drewdini

For one day players had the chance to see many familiar names on the users online page.

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Bootleggers Prison Break Drewdini

Another exciting update just might your get out of jail free card.

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Nation Don -- Welshie MikaVerLeth

It has happened again. For the fifth time in Bootleggers history a player has reached the end. Welshie is Bootleggers' fifth Nation Don.

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Goodbye Andy? LadySylv

We say farewell to another moderator, but will this one just be temporary?

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Buzz Sound OFF! Nyxxiekins

Sound off your opinion about this week's Sound Off debate! Look for a GF thread to post your opinions!

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The Buzz Team Nyxxiekins

Our current team here at the Buzz.

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Freelance Articles Nyxxiekins

Hard for a Scum... DonDennis

Can't a scum just get a break?

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Santa? SoulPwner

A festive, yet crazy Freelance "article." -- We just HAD to add it to this issue!

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