Sunday, December 23rd, 2007
Issue: 54   Editor: Nyxxiekins

The Order under attack MikaVerLeth

When he or she wants to, a State Don can cause some real chaos and shed a lot of blood. GeorgeWashington decided it was time to create such chaos as he started his searches for the members belonging to The Order.

In total, GeorgeWashington killed 93 accounts, of which most belonged to members of The Order but also included the bodyguards of previous Illinois State Don KeeperOfSouls. “The reason for my attack was retaliation,” GeorgeWashington explained. “I used about about 1.6 million bullets but still have some left so thats just a quick calculation,” he added.

With his attack he left a weakened The Order and a State Don without bodyguards. This caused KeeperOfSouls to be killed not very long after losing his bodyguards. The State Don that was known for killing lots of people followed his previous victims.

The Order, although left crippled, managed to remain on the stats and recover quickly. SoulmateV9 kindly explained how they managed. “We have survived 6 s-don and n-don near wipes basically because there is usually several very good and old time members online all the time,” he said. Starting his explanation of how they pulled it of. “When we are attacked they start calling in favors from friends to join TO during an attack and getting a hold of people,” SoulmateV9 kindly explained. On how they determine whether or not they are really under attack he said: “As soon as an State Don starts shooting, we know whats coming.”

SoulmateV9 also commented on the reasons for the attack. “Well, this was one of the few I missed, as I was out of town,” he said. Adding: “However, I am sure you can relate to the fact that i thought it was lame, but hey, thats the game.”
As for the reason that is being used was valid? “The unfortunate part, is the reasons given, which primarily started with revenge of irresistableeye, was completely false. TO, nor TO sponsored, nor TO anything, killed that person... but someone put the rumor out there,” SoulmateV9 explained.

So, another attack that The Order managed to survive and one that might have been false? Whether it really was correct or not we will probably never know. Fact is, The Order is still there after being attacked by another State Don.