Sunday, February 3rd, 2008
Issue: 59   Editor: Air

State Of Bootleggers Address Obama

My Fellow Bootleggers,
Over the course of 4 years this game has underwent drastic changes. Some of them have been good and some have been bad. Good players have come and good players have gone. Regardless of everything that was changing one thing remained constant. The game was all about power, killing others, loyalty, honor and most importantly respect. Good friendships were made, wars raged on and nothing was taken as personal. It was only a game and a lot of respect and friendships were made from a kill. That is what made this game so much fun for many players. Today, many seem to have lost that way of thinking or even the concept of what Bootleggers is.

When crews do rage a rare war, the forums are filled with people complaining, passing along cheap insults or acting immature. Childish threats are passed back and forth until people eventually move on. Respect for other players seems to be almost extinct at this stage of the game. Then again this seems to be the case in general when we look at what Bootleggers has become. People are more focused on getting some quick attention, being a forum whore, trying to be the next Help Desk Operator (irritating, I know), developing relationships that evolve into boot marriages or even the issue of trading cheap and immature insults. When did this become an online dating/social network? What happened to the mafia game it was created to be?

The fun has become drama. Players sit around insulting each other and waste precious real time trying to make people look bad. It’s a game, so why do we really care what people do or don’t do? It’s not like many of us will actually meet in real civilization right? Maybe it’s just me but I could care less what anyone does from the time they log on this game until they decide to logoff. Is this what Bootleggers has become, an online tabloid or social/dating network?

The last thought I will express is the disgust in word selection. You will still see many pictures in profiles that proclaim honor, loyalty and respect, but these are merely pictures that represent a time in the past. This was a time when those 3 words actually had a meaning and weren’t used as popular catch phrases and slogans. A lot of players have seem to have forgotten the meaning behind them.

So now we are faced with a choice. Do we sit here and let the game gradually decline or do we try to make a difference? Is this what we all wanted the game to turn into? Are we all here to find our soulmate, gossip, and act like we are in junior high? I say we continue the recent events of Bootleggers which involved a lot of crew battles, killing and good old fashioned violence. Without the immature forum discussions would be a nice benefit. Let's play the way this game was meant to be played one more time.